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Is Extended Stay Airbnb Really Cheaper Than a Hotel?

There are so many ways to plan your holiday at Extended stay Airbnb. Monthly Airbnb rentals are nowadays a very good idea for travel accommodations. The online booking process made this much easier to book or rent an Airbnb for extended stay travel. Just put on the dates to travel and book the weekly rentals near me with confidence now.

Extended stay Airbnb is one of the cheapest options for many travelers today. As many people just not only find accommodation but also find a stay where they can relax.

Extended stay Airbnb is a place where travelers may get comfortable, affordable places to stay. For long stay book airbnb 30 days.

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Which Is Better to Stay in an Extended Stay Airbnb or Hotel?

Both Airbnb and hotels are best in their own categories. If you want a stay for your tour and want some amenities with just a little airbnb room for rent to stay then the hotel rental for a month is good to go for you. In case, you want luxurious vibes, convenience and cozy accommodation for the long term then go for an extended stay Airbnb.

Extended Stay Airbnb
Extended Stay Airbnb

With extended stay Airbnb, tourists can rent their homes for more than a month. In short, it’s like a new way to get the added benefit of being away for a long period of time. A long term rental Airbnb is a popular stay for those who want to stay in long term stay.

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How to Book Extended Stay Airbnb?

First of all, you have to find the Airbnb site on the internet. Then go to the site and put the info about your trip (where to go, check-in and check-out date, number of adults and children).

After that, filter your search according to your need like top rating stays, proper amenities, cost, etc. Then, make your booking and confirm your stay. Also, you can extend Airbnb stay as per your need.

Can You Stay in an Airbnb for 6 Months?

Most of the apartments have a price per night, week, and month that is indicated long stays. As Airbnb apartment near me offers extended stay hotel suites in their accommodations, there are no limitations on your stay.

If you want to stay up to 6 months then you may stay in monthly apartment rentals without any hesitation. Also, a great option is Airbnb 6 month rental. Just check out rent weekly apartment policies before booking for so long.

Airbnb Monthly Rentals

Is there any tip to book Extended Stay Airbnb?

  • Book a separate and private place.
  • Check out the all-clear pictures of the stay.
  • Wi-Fi connection details.
  • Book in advance.
  • Explore the attractions located near the stay.
  • Check ratings and reviews of guests.
  • Look for the payment process.
  • Check out coupons and airbnb extended stay discount rates.

Short-Term or Long-Term Airbnb Rental which will be appropriate for us?

Actually, less than 28 days of staying are short-term rentals by the week near me and more than 28 days of staying are long-term monthly rentals near me. Airbnb weekly discount really provides an attractive price range.

Benefits of short-term rentals

  • You will get more flexibility.
  • You can meet new people.

Benefits of long-term rentals

  • Feel like home.
  • Easy process to book.
  • You may get more discounts on extended stay Airbnb.

How Much Is an Airbnb for a Week?

Airbnb’s weekly and monthly rates are so affordable that attract people. Great deals and offers at long term places to stay are available for any type of guest. But, many of us don’t know how to get the best rates and deals on the cheapest Airbnb near me. So, let’s discover a week to 3 month Airbnb.

Airbnb Weekly Rates
Airbnb Weekly Rates

An entire apartment on Airbnb costs around $151 per night, a hotel room on Airbnb costs approx $88 per night, private Airbnb rooms for rent cost around $69 per night, and a shared room cost $49 per night approximately. On average, we may say that weekly rates are $437 on Airbnb hotels near me.

What Are the Advantages of Booking Weekly Airbnb Rentals?

  1. Comfort like your own home.
  2. Proper space.
  3. Easy booking process.
  4. Discount rates.
  5. Flexibility.
  6. Pet-friendly.

What Is the Best Airbnb Location?

Airbnb per month depends on the location. Let’s discover the locations.

  1. Rentals in Gatlinburg.
    • Price: $4,969/month.
  2. Airbnb Rentals in Troon North, Scottsdale.
    • Price: $5,799/month.
  3. Rentals in Niagara-on-the-Lake.
    • Price: $4,199/month.
  4. Resort rentals in Colorado.
    • Price: $4,323/month.
  5. Romantic Villa Princess in Lake Coral, FL.
    • Price: $3,223/month.

Is Airbnb Cheaper by the Month?

According to last year’s rates, Airbnb monthly stays are cheaper than weekly stays. Actually, Airbnb stays are substitutes for hotels. So, let’s know more about monthly rental stays. A monthly Airbnb near me will be within your budget if you use airbnb monthly discount policies.

Actually, month to month rental stay means an agreement to stay at an apartment for one month and another. The agreement will be renewed every month and it will go on up to the month you want to stay at the apartment.

What are the advantages of Month to Month Rentals?

Places that provide monthly rent near me offer:

  1. Flexibility.
  2. You can stay at an apartment for a lifetime on lease.
  3. You will not get any penalty for leaving early.

What are the disadvantages of Month to Month Rentals?

  1. The landlord may take a huge lease amount from you.
  2. Anytime landlord can terminate you.
  3. The rent amount may regularly increase.

How Long Can a Long-term Guest Apartment Have a Guest Stay?

If you have a big family and have to rent a long-term apartment to stay for six months or more then you may stay there without any hesitation. But, there will be an agreement between the manager of the apartment and the guests. According to the agreement, you can’t stay 2-3 days more at the apartment than your staying period.

Long term Apartment
Long term Apartment

For long stays such as Airbnb, budget suites of America is another great option, you may stay there.

What are the Amenities Included in the Long-term Guest Apartment?

The long-term guest apartment is included big-size rooms, pools, working spaces, personal pet spaces, Covid emergencies help, etc.

Do Extended Stay Vrbo Monthly Rentals Give Any Discounts?

Vrbo rentals not only provide tourists accommodation it also thinks about their comfort, budget, security, etc. Condos, cabins, houses, and home rentals all of these are provided by Vrbo to their guests. Explore Airbnb and other alternatives for your next stay in the USA.

Let’s know about the amenities of Vrbo Monthly Rentals


Basic amenities are internet, towels, dryer, AC, heater, etc.


Kitchen amenities are a microwave, fridge, coffee maker, toaster, oven, grill machine, etc.


Entertainment amenities are TV, Radio, Cable channels, and Wi-fi.


Safety amenities are non-smoking rooms, exterior lights, an emergency door, and a first aid kit.

But, also don’t forget to read the reviews before your booking.

How Do You Get a 10% Discount on Long Stay Airbnb?

Everyone when going to book an extended stay on Airbnb, find discounts. There are valid discounts available on long-term rentals at Airbnb. Weekly and monthly discounts are different. Check them carefully and save up to 30% on your booking.

How to get the best monthly prices for a long-term stay?

Create an account with extended stay Airbnb. Now go to Airbnb and enter the city you want to stay in. Add 28 days to the stay option and the website will show you the monthly prices of monthly stay airbnb.

However, when entering the requirements, don’t forget to include the things that you need most. Apart from that, you can contact the hosts for all the details in detail.

What Is Cheaper than Airbnb?

  • Vrbo.
  • Homestay.
  • Booking.com.
  • The Plum Guide.
  • House Sitting.
  • Blueground.
  • Agoda Homes.

How Can I Get an Airbnb First Stay Coupon?

The Airbnb Coupon is a form of travel coupon that entitles the user to a discount on the Airbnb market. Also, compare hotel rates to save more on your budget.

By using the coupon code or promo code a user who has never booked AirBnB stays before can save up to 50% for the first time. The Airbnb discount code also works when you book an experience.

Airbnb Coupon
Airbnb Coupon

How do you get an Airbnb discount for the first stay?

Register or sign up and create a real account on Airbnb. If you are new then Airbnb will offer some discounts automatically. You just have to check them and select them before your payment. And you will get discounts from Airbnb for rentals using coupon codes for the very first time.

What Are the Disadvantages of Airbnb?

  • A long and time taking booking process:
  • You may meet your host.
  • Rates of Airbnb are not always cheap.
  • Proper services and perfect amenities aren’t available for business travelers.

What Is a Unique Stay Airbnb?

Airbnb not only offers hotel rooms under $50 and stays but also offers unique stays like Igloos, castles, caves, boats, cruises, etc. Exploring and discovering long airbnb stays is one of the important parts of traveling. So book your unique stay at Airbnb and enjoy.

Moreover, some Unique stays Airbnb are listed below:

  • Poet’s Studio in Tucson, Arizona

Poet’s studio is a pleasant mud and adobe house which has one bedroom and bathroom. It is the main place to stay for any traveler who is creative. This place includes a small pool, a terrace, and a chimney.

  • Midcentury Modern Home in Palm Springs, California

A midcentury modern home is a type of modern home designed by Alexander in 1920. This home includes three bedrooms and four bathrooms with modern facilities.

  • Nevada: Dream Penthouse, Las Vegas

This dream Penthouse is something more than a normal penthouse that has high-end space. This offers panoramic views of the Las Vegas Strip. It includes a hot tub on the balcony.

This is a celebrity-style unit with many amenities, including a total of three hot tubs and three TV.

Airbnb Monthly Rentals Pet Friendly

Airbnb is a popular vacation rental site that offers monthly rental options for pet-friendly accommodations. This can be a great option for pet owners who want to travel with their furry friends, but it’s important to remember that not all Airbnb rentals are created equal.

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly Airbnb listing, read the listing description carefully to make sure the listing is actually pet-friendly. Many listings state that they are pet friendly, but there may be restrictions on the type or size of pets allowed. Also, some rentals may charge a pet fee, so be sure to factor this into your budget.


Is Airbnb Cheaper Than Hotels?

Generally, Airbnb costs cheaper than any hotel. The reason behind that Airbnb does not have any overload costs like hotel owners. Travelers may get extended stay Airbnb under $100 with the best services.

How Far in Advance Should You Book an Airbnb?

Airbnb rentals are usually the cheapest when booked four weeks in advance. For this analysis, we only considered properties with availability in all periods. This means that the same accommodations have reduced their prices in about a month compared to last minute bookings or early bookings.

How to Extend the Stay at prebooked Airbnb?

Very easy and simple steps to follow to extend your stay at an Airbnb. You just have to go to the site and select the dates again and have to book that. Also, enter the number of people. That means to extend your stay you just have to reorder your stay.

Is it possible to stay in an Airbnb for longer than 30 days?

As defined by Airbnb, any stay of 28 days or more is considered a long-term reservation or rental. Long-term stays are usually preferred by people looking for accommodation along with work or studies, although they can combine it with a vacation.

How Much Does an Airbnb Cost for a Month?

The average cost for a month in an Airbnb is $110/night globally.

Can I Rent an Apartment in the US as a Tourist for 1 Month Only?

Yes, you can rent an apartment in the US as a tourist for 1 month or more. Check everything at the time of agreement.

Can You Use Airbnb for Long-Term Rentals?

Yes, you can use Airbnb for Long term rentals. Guests can find extended stays easily at Airbnb by selecting dates for 1 month or more. Long-term rentals are shown for reservations of 28 days or more.

Can You Rent for 12 Months on Airbnb?

No, Airbnb has limits to booking 90 days throughout the year. Although some Airbnb rentals sometimes offer 12 months.

How Do I Search for Airbnb Weekly Rates?

Go to the site’s listings of extended stays at your destination. Search for the price range and select $200 a week hotel. Then, apply discounts available there or any valid coupon code. Find one night stay Airbnb for cheap stays.

Does Airbnb Offer Weekly Rates?

Yes, weekly Airbnb near me offers affordable rates for your weekly stays. But, our recommendation is to book on weekdays, if you want cheap and reasonable rates.

How Much Does the Month to Month Rentals Cost on Average?

The average cost of month to month airbnb rentals depends on the type of long term accommodation, the city, and your needs. So, find the cheapest long term stay airbnb on the internet and enjoy.

Why People May Need to Book Airbnb Monthly Rentals Near Me?

Due to college or school location, which may be situated far away from your home. Maybe to pursue a career life. Sudden transfer from your job. For business purposes, you may have to go to a new city. For travel purposes only.

What Are the Important Facilities to Stay in Extended Stay Airbnb?

Important facilities are available in Extended Stay Airbnb shopping centers, parks, schools, libraries, markets, healthcare, etc.

Is Airbnb Cheaper if You Stay Longer?

Sometimes the average per night rate decreases if you book a long stay at Airbnb. Another reason is the promo codes give more discounts on extended stays on Airbnb. That is why you can say that yes, Airbnb is cheaper if you stay longer.

How Can I Rent Cheaper on Airbnb?

To do this, simply contact a host to request a discount or suggest a lower price. The host then has the opportunity to offer a special offer that is only available for their account. If the new rate works, you can accept the discounted rate to book your stay at a lower rate.

How Do I See Reviews on Airbnb?

Go to the Airbnb site, then go to properties and scroll down and you will see there are real guest ratings and reviews that are clearly mentioned.

Do First-Time Airbnb Users Get a Discount?

Yes, as per the Airbnb first referral program, every first-time user can get a discount which will depend on their bookings. There is no exact discount rate. But, users may get off up to 30%.

How Do I Find Unique Stays on Airbnb?

We have listed some handpicked best unique stays on Airbnb here. You can also find them by selecting “Unique Stays Airbnb” in the filter option.


Long-term Airbnb rentals monthly mean always comfort to us. We can assure you that you will get the best comfort and convenience from Extended stay Airbnb. So, here is all the information about Airbnb stays to monthly room rentals. Check 1 month rental near me, now. If you have some queries then comment below or contact us.

Extended stay Airbnb and furnished monthly rentals offer the lowest and best stays to their guests.