Hotel Isolation program

Free Hotel Isolation Program Help for Covid-19 Patient

The covid-19 virus is the reason for the pandemic in the world. If you have the symptoms or if you are positive then you must have to stay separate to save your family. But, many of us haven’t enough space to stay separately. In this case, free hotel isolation program will help you by providing free hotel rooms for coronavirus.

Let’s discuss how can you get this and what are benefits of this program are?

What Is Hotel Isolation Program?

The hotel isolation program is a type of program that is trying to recover people from Covid-19. Also, they are saving the patient’s family by providing a free separate shelter.

There is another program called pandemic housing assistance which provides assistance by providing housing shelters.

The period for isolation is 14 days. You have to qualify to get a hotel room through the hotel isolation program.

Hotel Isolation program
Hotel Isolation program

What are the helps you can get from Hotel Isolation Program?

I can get help from the hotel isolation program, a clean and separate room, groceries, protein and nutritional foods, clean beds, hand wash and sanitizers, proper medicines and checkups.

How to Find Hotel Isolation Program?

If you are positive and finding a shelter then you can find this program on the internet. Firstly find out Covid isolation hotels near me. Then you can contact social workers or helpers for isolation stay assistance.

You can also contact the nearest govt office or find isolation programs in the government hospitals or search for other resources for homeless families by calling 311.

Who Provides Covid Quarantine Hotels Near Me?

These covid quarantine hotels are provided by the government itself. It is for those who are suffering from the Covid-19 virus currently. You have to be eligible to enter this type of hotel and if you enter for a time they can’t leave before 14 days.

Covid Quarantine Hotel
Covid Quarantine Hotel

Where to Stay During Covid?

  • Hotels near your location.
  • Motels around you.
  • Hostels.
  • Extended stays.
  • Secluded cabins.
  • Holiday rentals.

What Do Hotels Do to Maintain clean and safe Accommodations?

  • Contactless check-in/checkout.
  • Proper space configurations.
  • Communicating Cleanliness.
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Hygiene essentials.
  • Frequent disinfecting.
  • Using PPE kit.

What Do Covid Quarantine Hotels Cost?

The bill for quarantine hotels depends on the cities. If you just want to stay in the hotel separately, the cost will be low. But, if you want medical help then you have to pay some more. Also, you may find free hotel isolation program.

Free Hotels for Covid Patients

In this covid situation, Public Health emergency associations offer free hotels for covid patients. After testing you will get room to stay there for free of cost.

What are accessible hotels for covid patients?

Free hotels for covid patients mean the hotel isolation program offers free stays for patients. This is a temporary stay at hotels and motels throughout the nation to prevent COVID-19.

What are the resources for Covid-19 housings?

You can find a number of COVID-19 housing or isolation centers around New York and California. In New York, you can check out options like The Wagner Hotel, The Roosevelt Hotel, Sheraton LaGuardia East, Residence Inn World Trade Center, The Manhattan Club, Delta Woodbridge Hotel, Holiday Inn Express, and Hotel Le Bleu.

If you are in California then you can check out Eastbay/Torrance, Downtown Los Angeles/East LA, and Westside UCLA.

Who Can Receive Help from Quarantine and Isolation Hotel Program?

1. If you are tested positive for the Covid virus or have close contact with any positive person and there is a chance to be positive.
2. If there is no extra room to stay separately.
3. If you are not eligible for medical checkups.
4. Have to show the documents for loss of earnings due to Covid.

Which Are the Resources for Hotel Isolation Programs of The Santa Clara County?

You just fins the Places to quarantine near me for free. Then try to contact nearest help centers and you will get hotel isolation program help.

The Santa Clara County Emergency Financial Assistance Network (EAN):

To prevent homelessness and to save people from the critical situation of homelessness this program provides active services throughout the country.

General Assistance or help program:

This program is for homeless adults actually who don’t have any salaries, funds, or permanent work.

For more info, you may call 1 (408) 792-1600.

Meals on Wheels:

This program is only for the people of Santa Clara County. Here, those who are suffering from critical medical situations and isolation can get help from the meals on wheels program.

For more info, you may call 1 (800) 505-3367.


CalWORKs provides help for free to the homeless families with medicine, utility bills, housing rents, etc.

For more call 1 (408) 758-3800.


CalFresh program is a program that provides an Electronic Benefits Transfer card. For this program, you have to qualify. To know more call 1 (877) 847-3663.

What Are the Things You Should Consider Before Applying for A Hotel Isolation Program?

People with normal fever, cough, and any other disease will not get help from this program. Only Covid-19 patients will be accepted by this program.

Hospitals or hotels with isolation programs have to be situated near your home. So you have to find hotels around your area to stay in. Hotels are taking care of patients properly.

Explain Quarantine Hotel Guidelines

For every patient, hotels have to provide an individual room with the individual room. Common rooms and bathrooms are not allowed.

The total hotel should be for covid-patients only. normal guests are not allowed at the premises.

Hotels have to separate the asymptotic patients. Also, hotels have to provide full healthcare, food, medicines, etc.

Can I Get Medical Shelters in Los Angeles County?

First of all, you have to show proof of documents to be eligible to get medical shelter. If you are tested positive or if you have so many symptoms of Covid-19 then you will get a medical shelter at LA county.

County has an exclusive deal with hotel and motel rooms for tested-positive people to stay there. Normally, the county is providing the cost of hotels and motels by itself. Also, some non-profit associations will help to provide some funds.

If you have come closer to a Covid-19 positive person or contact him, then for extra advance security call 1-833-540-0473.

How do I know if I am positive for Covid-19?

LA county has launched mobile testing applications and sites. Go to the site, and enter your details including your name, address, birth date, etc.

Also, you have to enter the symptoms you have noticed in your body like fever, cough, weakness, etc. After that, you will be selected for testing at your nearby center. After testing you will get your report as soon as possible from them.

Quarantine Hotels in New York

New York’s healthcare system offers several resources to stay in hotels for free for those who have tested positive. NYC makes this process very good.

Quarantine Hotels in New York
Quarantine Hotels in New York

What services are included in the Quarantine Hotels?

  • Transportation to find immediate medicines.
  • Free medicines.
  • Healthcare services.
  • Free checkups.
  • Private clean bathrooms.
  • Unlimited local calls.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Purified water.

How Does Quarantine Hotel Work?

A quarantine hotel is for those who have the chance of being positive within 4-5 days. If you arrive at the quarantine hotel then you have to stay quarantined for at least 7 days. You just have to stay self-isolated there. The hotels will clean up rooms, and bathrooms and will take the responsibility of safety upon them.

Can I Use California Hotels for Covid-19 Quarantine?

When you are tested positive for Covid-19 then the first work you have to do is operating yourself from others. To be a careful citizen we have to keep in mind that we have to stop spreading this virus.

So, if there is no scope to stay separate at home you can use CA hotels for Covid-19 quarantine. People who can’t make them separate from their own homes are targeted by the county. To get them at the hotels to stop spreading this virus government is funding them continuously.

This program at CA is now referred to as “Locals first” which means at 58 countries in California have several quarantine housings for people. So, you have to contact the hotels and motels when you get your report and need to stay in isolation.

Where to Quarantine in NJ?

Stay in quarantine when you have come close to any sick person and have a little number of symptoms. Make yourself quarantined for at least 5 days.

Where to go for quarantine in NJ?

  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • NJEDA COVID-19 Business Support.
  • World Health Organization.
  • NJ Reopening Guidelines for Organizations.
  • New Jersey Businesses Guidance for COVID-19.
  • New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub.
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
  • State of New Jersey: Department of Health.

Who to contact for the hotel isolation program in NJ?

For contact, you can call at 2-1-1, call at 1-800-962-1253, text NJCOVID to 898-211, tText to 898-211 for live text talking.

What Are the Exact Requirements for Being Quarantine in Nj?

You should have to stay in quarantine for a minimum of 5 days, then you have to notice your symptoms, get tested after 3-4 days, and after ending of quarantine stay you have to stay for more than 5 days there.

Creating a COVID-19 Hotel Isolation and Quarantine Program

A number of medical centers around the United States know that COVID-19 will spread quickly, so they have to be prepared for this. They have already started meeting with multiple community groups, local agencies, and volunteers to discover safe isolation spaces.

They considered gyms, schools, churches, recreation centers, and tents with all facilities. Also, they know that social distancing can possible in detox facilities and emergency shelters because to maintain social distancing they need more space. Many needy families live in public housing sectors where they need some separate rooms to go to isolate or quarantine.

Many families live in multi-generational homes, they also have to plan for the isolated place. With the help of multiple organizations and funding from the state or federal funds, they arrange different motel and hotel rooms as isolate and quarantine centers.

The first hotel isolation site opened in New Mexico on March 18, 2020. After that these types of facilities quickly expand to different motels and provided isolated rooms for more than 150 individuals per day. The main goal of the program is to provide safe isolated rooms to every positive individual.

This program also includes meals and 24/7 volunteer service to help individuals with any needs like medicines, snacks, clothing, and other supplies. Each motel becomes a COVID patient center or medical home with its own team and staff who run daily checkups and other medical needs.

During the wave of COVID-19, more than 1700 individuals per day have been housed at the hotel isolation program for one or two nights. More than 4500 volunteers over the counties donated their 8,500 hours to provide safe isolated hotel rooms.

Rental Assistance Pandemic

There are so many Covid-19 hotel programs that help people by offering rental assistance for pandemics in emergency situations. It doesn’t matter where you live the local government will arrange rental help for you.

Rental AssistanceTypeAddressPhoneRating
Tenant Resource CenterSocial services organization1202 Williamson St # 101, Madison, WI 53703(608) 257-00063.9 star
Bridge Fund of New York IncSocial services organization271 Madison Ave # 907, New York, 10016(646) 742-14653.7 star
Services of HopeAssociation or organization5470 Ellsworth Ave, Dallas, TX 75206(888) 992-69985.0 star
Florida Housing CoalitionAssociation or organization1311 Paul Russell Rd B-201, Tallahassee, FL 32301(850) 878-4219
Key HousingHousing authority1599 S Novato Blvd, Novato, CA 94947(415) 895-66273.7 star
Star-Cā€‹ ProgramsNon-profit organizationā€‹1201 Peachtree St NE #1110, Atlanta, GA 30361(404) 698-37813.1 star
Housing Action IllinoisNon-profit organization67 E Madison St Ste 1603, Chicago, IL 60603(312) 939-60744.0 star
Maricopa County Human Services DepartmentSocial services organization234 N Central Ave Suite 3000, Phoenix, AZ 85004(480) 312-23233.4 star
United Way-Greater Los AngelesAssociation or organization1150 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90015(213) 808-62204.8 star
Office Of Housing StabilityGovernment office26 Court St, Boston, MA 02108(617) 635-42005.0 star
Details of rental assistance resources including address, phone number, and ratings.

Is there Isolation Housing Program for COVID-19?

Now, this is very clear that isolation programs give shelters to only covid-19 patients. The clinic, emergency shelters, medical emergencies, and homeless programs for Covid-19 patients.


We hope that you will get all the valuable information about the hotel isolation program in your area or city. For more queries, you can check temporary shelter faqs or contact us. Search, explore and get free hotel isolation program help for the covid-19 patients.