weekly motels

Monthly Motel Rentals

Monthly Motel Rentals: There may come a time when you are looking for hotels that rent for months; that time could be right now. When you start looking for an affordable option, it can be overwhelming to think about paying the price of a hotel room per night for an entire month. Then when you …

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$100 Weekly Motels

Finding a quality hotel on a budget may not be as easy as you think. You simply check into a regular hotel room and pay the going rate, as no alternative options are allowed. But, there is a simple thing you may consider long stays are cheaper than one or two days of stay. So, …

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Weekly Hotels

$200 a Week Hotel

When we stay for one or two nights at a hotel then we are able to pay high prices. But, when it comes to weekly hotels then we become worried to pay such high bills. We have some tips and facts for you to get a $200 a week hotel at your destination. Guests staying …

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