Apartments Under $800 Utilities Included Phoenix, AZ

Apartments Under $800 Utilities Included Phoenix, AZ: Phoenix is a beautiful and expensive city. But also it is a tourist popular place for its warm climate, amazing desert landscapes, and awesome nature view. So, finding accommodation in Phoenix that is in the budget is a little bit difficult. Don’t worry! Here in this article, we will explore apartments under $800 utilities included Phoenix, AZ.

You need to know some tips and tricks to find these apartments under $800 utilities including Phoenix, AZ. Normally you may not find or maybe too difficult to find the budget-friendly apartments in Phoenix.

So let’s Discover how can we find such an affordable apartment in Phoenix, AZ, what amenities, facilities, and utilities, we will get there, and many more.

How to Find the Apartments Under $800 Utilities Included Phoenix, AZ?

Always start your search online for Apartments Under $800 Utilities Included Phoenix. Don’t try to find affordable accommodation offline ever. Their several advantages to booking online accommodation such as discounts, coupon codes, and compare rates.

Apartments Under $800 Utilities Included Phoenix, AZ
Apartments Under $800 Utilities Included Phoenix, AZ

There are various websites available like Zillow,, Craigslist, etc. where you can find apartments under $800 utilities including Phoenix, AZ.

There you just have to select your type of accommodation, your desired location, and the amenities or services that you want. After that don’t forget to compare rates, it will save a lot of your money.

For more information, you just visit This site provides all accommodation-related details to customers. So, from here you can get an apartment that is really pocket friendly, comfortable, and convenient.

Here you can get also $200 Apartments for Rent Near Me.

Can I Find Apartments in Phoenix AZ under $500?

Yes, you can find apartments in Phoenix AZ under $500 but without utilities. If you are finding an apartment with utilities included then you have to pay a little more. And if you are finding a budget friendly apartment for under $500 then you have to pay a separate bill for utilities.

Mostly these apartments are located a little away from the city center, and city attractions, where tourist crowd remains high. So, you will get apartments under $800 utilities including Phoenix, AZ, or apartments in Phoenix AZ under $500 in less crowded areas.

What Are the Utilities Included in Phoenix, AZ Apartments?

In apartments under $800 utilities including Phoenix, AZ you can get a few basic and necessary utilities. According to the rental agreement and the type of housing, you will find utilities.

The basic utilities are:

Water: In most of the apartments water facility is included in the free utilities. However, in some cases, tenants may be responsible for paying these bills separately. So you need to check the rental agreement before renting the apartment carefully.

Gas: If the property has gas appliances, heating, or a gas-powered water heater, you may need to pay for gas separately. In some cases, gas may be included in the rent.

Electricity: Electricity costs are usually the tenant’s responsibility and are paid separately. You’ll need to set up an account with the local utility company (such as APS or SRP) in your name.

Internet and Cable TV: These services are usually not included in the rent.

Phone: Landline phone service may be included in the rent and requires a separate account.

Maintenance and Repairs: Maintenance and Repairs are generally the landlord’s responsibility. However, if you cause damage or if maintenance issues result from your negligence, you may be responsible for those costs.

Top Budget-friendly Apartments In Phoenix AZ

Apartments In Phoenix AZAddressPhone No.Ratings
Sweetwater at Metro North2902 W Sweetwater Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85029(602) 298-11002.3 star
North Mountain Village Apartments3333 W Thunderbird Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85053(833) 273-76943.8 star
Motif Apartment Homes2529 W Cactus Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85029(928) 339-37534.1 star
Laurel Lane Apartments2820 W Laurel Ln, Phoenix, AZ 85029(844) 412-06003.4 star
Renaissance Apartment Homes13421 N 43rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85029(623) 242-14953.4 star
The Turn Apartments14602 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85023(602) 560-45343.4 star
Copper Canyon Apartment Homes12440 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85029(602) 894-42704.0 star
Portola North Phoenix2700 W Sahuaro Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85029(602) 866-86232.6 star
Avalon Hills Apartments3535 W Tierra Buena Ln, Phoenix, AZ 85053(833) 227-60014.0 star
Bella Vista Apartment Homes7810 N 14th Pl, Phoenix, AZ 85020(602) 641-28334.4 star
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Cheap Studio Apartments In Phoenix With Utilities Included

What is a studio apartment? A studio apartment, often simply referred to as a “studio” is a type of residential housing unit characterized by its single-room layout. It is a compact living space that typically combines the living area, sleeping area, and kitchen into a single, open space without distinct room divisions.

Cheap Studio Apartments In Phoenix With Utilities Included

Studio Apartments Under $800 Utilities Included Phoenix are actually popular for a small size that is perfect for singles. There is low maintenance for a small size apartment. Also if you can find cheap studio apartments in Phoenix with utilities included, then it is more convenient.

Studio Apartments are more affordable than any other accommodation or regular apartment. So, travelers who have a tight budget can rent Studio Apartments included with utilities.

Houses for Rent $500 to $700 a Month in Phoenix

Find a rental house with all the modern features, space, and conveniences you’ve been looking for at a price that’s right for you. If you’re looking for stainless steel appliances, walk-in closets, and hardwood floors, you can explore an extensive list of renovated houses for rent.

Do you need a short stay?

If you’re saving on rent now to buy your first home later, look for affordable rental properties with essentials like pet-friendly rentals and in-home washers and dryers. No matter your needs, you can find the best home for your lifestyle online.

Low Income Apartments in Phoenix, AZ Utilities Included

Finding low-income apartments in Phoenix, AZ with utilities included can be beneficial for individuals or families on a tight budget.

Low income apartments in Phoenix AZ are offered by government subsidized housing programs that are managed by nonprofit associations.

So if you are finding Low income apartments in Phoenix AZ, then you have to contact the Phoenix Housing Department and the Arizona Department of Housing.

Utilize online apartment search websites and tools that allow you to filter your search by rent and utilities included.

Some nonprofit organizations in Phoenix manage affordable housing properties with utilities included. Contact organizations like the Arizona Housing, Inc. (formerly known as Arizona Housing Authority) or local charities that may have housing programs.

One Bedroom Apartments Under $800 Utilities Included Phoenix AZ

If you are single then you may need a one bedroom apartment. In an one bedroom apartment you can enjoy yourself on your own without having a roommate. And in Arizona you will get comfortable and convenient one bedroom apartments under $800 utilities included Phoenix AZ.

One Bedroom Apartments Under $800 Utilities Included Phoenix AZ are the affordable housing options which are best for all.

The inclusion of utilities such as water, sewer, trash removal, and sometimes gas or electricity simplifies monthly expenses, reducing the hassle of managing multiple bills.

These apartments under $800 utilities included Phoenix are flexible and located in a convenient place.

How to Qualify for Affordable Housing Programs?

Qualifying for affordable housing programs typically involves meeting certain criteria set by the program administrators. While the specifics can vary depending on the program and the region, here are some common factors that may determine eligibility:

1. Income Limits: Most affordable housing programs have income limits, which means your household income must fall below a certain threshold to qualify. This threshold is often based on the area’s median income and the size of your household.

2. Residency Status: Some programs may require you to be a citizen or legal resident of the country where the program is offered.

3. Proof of Need: You may need to demonstrate a need for affordable housing, such as being homeless, living in substandard housing, or spending a significant portion of your income on rent.

4. Documentation: You will likely need to provide documentation to verify your income, household size, residency status, and any other eligibility requirements specified by the program.

5. Waiting Lists: Due to high demand, some affordable housing programs may have waiting lists. You may need to apply and be placed on a waiting list until a unit becomes available.

6. Compliance with Program Rules: Once accepted into an affordable housing program, you will be expected to comply with program rules, which may include income reporting, residency requirements, and maintaining the property in good condition.


In conclusion, apartments under $8000 with utilities included in Phoenix, AZ are the perfect solution for people who need a budget stay. We have mentioned every detail that will help you find the apartment that will perfectly suit your budget and needs. Also, you can enjoy all the utilities for free as the utility bill is included in the apartment rental cost.

Below here we have discussed a few faqs that will resolve your queries. If you have any more queries then comment below or contact us.

FAQs on Apartments Under $800 Utilities Included Phoenix, AZ

How Much Are Utilities in an Apartment in Phoenix AZ?

Both tenants and buyers have to pay for their additional costs. In our opinion, the average basic amenities package for a 915 square foot location in Phoenix is $204.94 per month. That covers water, electricity, heat, and trash and is about $29.31 more expensive than the U.S. average of $175.63.

How Much is the Average Utility Bill in Phoenix?

In Phoenix, electricity bills are around $187.70 per month.

Can I Negotiate the Rent for Apartments in Phoenix?

While negotiation is possible, it may depend on the specific landlord and property management. It’s worth discussing with them to see if there is any flexibility in the rent.

Are Utilities Always Included in Apartments Under $800 in Phoenix?

While many apartments under $800 include utilities, it’s essential to verify this information with the landlord or property management. provide each and every travel and accommodation-related information. We are mainly focused on the Hotel, Motel, Rental, and Travel Releted Information category so, we provide Hotel, Motel, Rental, and Travel Releted Information related content if you are interested in the Hotel, Motel, Rental and Travel Releted Information category then you can visit daily to get the more latest information.

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