Can You Pay for a Motel With Cash? Motels that Accept Cash

Nowadays, most people have credit or debit cards and use them while traveling. Most of the time, you can get some reward points or cashback through credit card booking. But still, some people choose to use cash for their hotel room booking. And that is why they find hotels or motels that accept cash. Okay […]

Nowadays, most people have credit or debit cards and use them while traveling. Most of the time, you can get some reward points or cashback through credit card booking. But still, some people choose to use cash for their hotel room booking. And that is why they find hotels or motels that accept cash.

Okay if you are someone who doesn’t like to use cash instead of your cards then don’t worry most of the popular hotel and motel chains allow you to pay cash.

But, in the United States, some hotels and motels may record your credit card details while you check in, even if you are making your payment through cash, debit cards, or gift cards. So we recommend you find and book, particularly the cheap motels that accept cash.

But the question is can you say for a motel with cash? Let’s Discover.

Can You Pay for a Motel With Cash? Step-by Step Guide

Yes, you can pay for a motel with cash instead of a credit or debit card. But there are some steps you should follow before planning to book motels that accept cash.

Can You Pay for a Motel With Cash
Can You Pay for a Motel With Cash

The first thing you have to do is check the specific motel’s policies before booking your stay there. Next, you have to contact the motel directly and ask them about their payment policies and methods. If you find that the motel policies don’t require a credit card or deposit, only then can you book the motels near me that accept cash.

If you are thinking of paying cash to a motel, then it is a good idea to keep your proper identity proof, as most motels need this for security purposes.

Can you book a hotel with cash?

Yes. But, we recommend you contact the hotel directly before booking your stay.

Which Are the Hotels and Motels that Accept Cash Without Credit Cards?

In the USA, there are several hotels and motels available that accept cash without any credit card. Below here we have mentioned the top 12 hotels and motels that accept cash payment near me. Check the list now.

Motels that Accept Cash
Motels that Accept Cash

1. Drury Hotels

The Drury hotel chain includes Drury Inn, Drury Inn & Suites, Drury Plaza Hotels, and Pear Tree Inn by Drury, its budget hotel brand. According to the hotel’s FAQ page, many Drury Hotels locations accept cash. The hotel requires a photo ID and a valid bank credit or debit card upon check-in. An amount of $50 to $200 will be credited to the card for unexpected expenses.

2. Extended stay in America

According to various sources, Extended Stay America allows cash payments. You may be required to pay a deposit to cover any damage to the room or incidentals. Extended Stay America also has a rewards program that gives you 10% off your first stay as well as other rewards and offers.

3. Red Roof Inn

When it comes to payments, Red Roof Inn offers the option to pay cash at check-out. However, some hotels may require a $50 deposit.

Red Roof Inn is also a pet-friendly hotel chain, making it an ideal choice for travelers with four-legged friends. The hotel allows pets to stay with their owners at no additional cost.

4. Hilton hotels and resorts

According to Hilton Hotels, which includes Hampton Inn, Hampton Inn & Suites, and luxury brands such as Waldorf Astoria, LXR Hotels & Resorts, and Conrad Hotels & Resorts, some locations accept cash. For example, the Director of Hotel Operations said that the Hilton Salt Lake City Center accepts cash but requires a credit card to reserve a room.

5. Studio 6

Studio 6 is an American company that operates around 52 motels, mainly in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Atlanta. They accept cash at all locations. However, some motels may require a credit or debit card and proof of identification. To use the hotel facilities you can pay a small cash deposit, which is not included in the basic price.

6. Radisson RED

The Radisson RED is ideal for group travel, business meetings, and millennials looking to have a fun time in the world’s largest and busiest destinations. You can pay in cash, but you need a credit card to make the reservation. Guests are also required to show their ID and credit card upon check-in.

7. Hotel Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn offers guests multiple payment options, including cash payments, which are accepted at most locations. However, guests are required to provide a deposit of approximately $150 and a credit card upon check-in.

8. IHG Hotels and Resorts

A credit card may be required for online reservations. However, to make a reservation without a credit card, you can contact the hotel directly. The hotel may also be able to make other payment arrangements with you, but this depends on the hotel.

Please contact the hotel for information about using cash as payment. Call 1.877.424.2449 to book your stay with IHG Hotels & Resorts.

9. Park Plaza Hotels and Resorts

Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts may accept cash as a form of payment upon check-in. You may be required to provide a credit card to reserve a room online. The hotel may require a government-issued photo ID upon check-in and may also require a cash deposit or block your credit or debit card to pay incidentals.

10. Travelodge by Wyndham

Travelodge may accept cash payments, but guests may have to pay a deposit payment of $1000. A credit card and photo ID are required upon check-in.

11. Marriott Hotels

Some Marriott hotels allow you to pay in cash. However, a credit card is required to make the reservation. While some Marriott properties may accept cash as a payment option, a credit card is generally required at check-in to cover incidentals and room damages.

12. Fairmont Hotels

Fairmont hotels can accept cash payments. However, it’s best to check with the specific hotel you plan to stay at, as policies may vary depending on location and circumstances.

Here we have compiled a list of motel chains that accept cash.

How May I Find Hotels that Take Cash No Deposit Near Me? Exclusive Tips and Tricks

If you want to find some hotels that take cash with no deposit near your area then it is a little tricky. Most hotels prefer credit card payment for security purposes. But you don’t have to worry!

Here we will discuss the complete tricks that will help you find hotels that take cash notebooks near me.

Hotels that Take Cash No Deposit Near Me
Hotels that Take Cash No Deposit Near Me

The first and easiest way you can find such hotels is by calling the hotel directly in your area. Ask them whether they accept cash payments or need any deposit fees. 

Next, if you are not comfortable calling the hotel directly, then you can search online. Go to an online booking platform where most of the hotels provide their payment policies. Check the policy and book accordingly.

Mostly smaller budget-friendly motels and hotels except cash payment. So rather than booking luxurious hotels go for motels that accept cash near me.

If you’re unable to find a motel that accepts cash that meets your criteria, consider alternative accommodations such as vacation rentals, hostels, or bed and breakfasts.

How to Book a Motel Without a Credit Card? Easiest Ways

If you have already chosen a location for your trip or vacation but the hotel doesn’t accept cash, you can try some alternatives:

Try a travel agent

Most hotels accept reservations through, Expedia, or other third-party travel agencies without requiring credit card information. Most travel agents accept alternative payment methods (PayPal, etc.), while some allow payment at check-in rather than in advance.

Try to pay a deposit

Hotels may be willing to accept a security deposit instead of a debit/credit card as coverage for possible damages. However, not all places accept a cash deposit. So call ahead and ask.

Check out non-chain hotels

Most large and luxurious hotel chains require a credit card to book your hotel room stay. So to avoid credit cards you should go for local motels, small bed and breakfasts, etc.

Does Motel 6 Take Cash?

Yes, whyn’t Motel 6 take cash as a form of payment? Now we can’t assure you that every Motel 6 will accept cash from guests. Because Motel 6 policies vary by location. So, we recommend people check the Motel 6 policy by location before planning their stay.

In some places, Motel 6 may require a credit or debit card for a security deposit. You can find cheap motels near me no deposit or motels that accept cash me. If you’re confused about the payment process, then you can directly contact Motel 6 and learn about their policies.

Can You Pay for a Night at a Hotel With Cash?

Yes, you can pay for a night at a hotel with cash. It is possible but not in all hotels. Different hotels have different policies depending on the location. So, it’s a good idea to check the policy before planning.

Some hotels require a debit or credit card even if you choose to pay the hotel room rate in cash. So, if you’re ready to provide your card, then it is okay, otherwise, you have to find a hotel that accept cash without any card.

Always inquire about any additional requirements or deposits when making your reservation.


In conclusion, we can say that you may find motels that accept cash in your desired location but you just have to research well, and read the policies, and then easily you will find it. We have given a list of hotels and motels that accept cash in the USA. You can check the list here.

We have also compiled a few faqs on motels that accept cash to clear your doubts. If you have any more queries then comment below or contact us.

FAQs onMotels that Accept Cash

Can You Walk Into a Hotel, Book a Room and Pay in Cash?

Yes, definitely. If you walk into a hotel, you’re allowed to book a room and pay in cash. However, you may have to pay some security deposit fee. So, first, check the policy and then go to book a room with cash.

Do Most Hotels Take Cash for a Room?

Yes, most hotels accept cash for room payments. But, it is dependable. You have to check the hotel policy as some of the hotels may require credit or debit card details.

How to Pay Cash for a Hotel Room?

The process of paying cash for a hotel room is easy. Simply go to the hotel’s reception or front desk, first ask for the room availability and the payment methods available there, then explain your situation to pay gas instead of any card. Then simply pay the cash for a hotel room and confirm your booking.

What Forms of Payment Does Motel 6 Accept?

Motel 6 typically accepts various forms of payment, including cash, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), and debit cards.¬†However, policies may vary by location, so it’s best to check with the specific Motel 6 you plan to stay at regarding their accepted forms of payment.

Why Won’t Some Hotels Let You Pay for Your Room in Cash?

Some hotels don’t allow cash payments due to security concerns, the need for a credit card for incidentals, and to streamline check-out processes.