40+ Cheap $150 Weekly Motels Houston TX Now and Save Budget

$150 Weekly Motels Houston TX: Are you planning your trip to Houston TX? Or do you have to move to Houston TX for your education, office, business, or any personal reason? Then don’t be confused and don’t pay so much money for your accommodation. Here is GlobalHotelFinder to help you get cheap accommodation that will suit your budget.

There are $150 weekly motels Houston TX, which are comfortable and spacious to stay. Motels offer everything like a hotel but at a cheaper.

So why do you spend so much money to stay in luxurious accommodation? Choose $150 Weekly Motels Houston TX, save your budget, and enjoy.

Motels in Houston Texas are comfortable no matter what people say. Motels are designed for road trip travelers. After a long drive, you may need to rest for a while and in that case, a comfortable motel room can give you the ultimate comfort that you need.

Also as motels near Houston TX are cheaper you can select a motel room anytime, anywhere you want. So, let’s find the cheap motels in Houston weekly rates here.

Find Affordable $150 Weekly Motels Houston TX

$150 weekly motels Houston TX refers to a motel where the cost for a week’s stay is $150. However, it is important to note that motel prices can vary significantly depending on location, quality, and season.

Motels in certain areas, particularly popular tourist destinations or major cities, tend to be more expensive than motels in remote or less crowded areas.

$150 Weekly Motels Houston TX
$150 Weekly Motels Houston TX

To find $150 weekly motels Houston TX that fit your budget and need both, you have to search online. Only using the internet, online you can find $150 weekly motels Houston TX.

There you can also filter your search according to your price range. If you have any confusion then you can also contact the motel directly for their weekly rates and deals as there you will get the motel’s phone number.

Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to read reviews or check customer ratings before making a reservation.

Basic Amenities and Services Offered By Cheap Weekly Motels

Cheap weekly motels typically offer basic amenities and services to accommodate travelers on a budget. While the quality and range of services can vary, here are some common offerings you might find at such establishments:

  • Affordable Rates
  • Private Rooms
  • Bathroom Facilities
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Utilities (Electricity, Water)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Television
  • Mini-Fridge and Microwave
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Parking
  • 24-Hour Front Desk
  • Security
  • Vending Machines
  • Accessibility (Accessible Rooms)
  • Local Information Assistance

It’s important to note that the quality of services and amenities can vary widely among different weekly motels, so it’s a good idea to read reviews and check the motel’s website or contact them directly to confirm what is included with your stay. 

Additionally, while these motels that rent by the week near me offer affordability, they may not provide the same level of luxury or additional services that you’d find in more upscale hotels.

Exclusive Tips and Tricks to Save More on Houston Motel Booking

If you’re looking to save more on motel bookings in Houston, here are some tips and tricks to help you secure the best deals:

  1. Book in Advance: Planning your trip and booking your motel well in advance can often lead to lower rates, as last-minute bookings tend to be more expensive.
  2. Compare Prices: Use online travel websites and booking platforms to compare prices from different motels in Houston.
  3. Sign Up for Deals: Subscribe to motel newsletters or loyalty programs to receive exclusive discounts and promotional offers.
  4. Use Price Comparison Websites: Websites like Expedia, Kayak, and Trivago can help you compare prices for affordable weekly motels across multiple booking platforms to find the cheapest option.
  5. Flexible Dates: If possible, be flexible with your travel dates. Prices can vary significantly depending on the day of the week and the time of year.
  6. Consider Location: Motels in the outskirts or less touristy areas of Houston may offer lower rates. Just be sure to factor in transportation costs.
  7. Negotiate: Call the motel directly and inquire about special rates or discounts. Sometimes, you can get a better deal by speaking with the motel manager.
  8. Look for Package Deals: Some weekly motel rentals near me offer packages that include room, meals, or tickets to local attractions.
  9. Stay Longer: Weekly or monthly rates are often more cost-effective than nightly rates, so consider an extended stay if your plans allow.
  10. Avoid Peak Season: Houston can be busy during certain events and holidays. Try to plan your trip during less crowded times to save on accommodation.

$300 a Month Motel Houston, TX

If you’re looking for temporary housing, monthly rate motels near me may save you money this time. We’re here to bring you the best weekly and money hotels motels near me at affordable prices.

Although hotel rooms are a little pricey. And so, motels can save you. You don’t need too much budget to rent and enjoy a motel room. For a week or for a month here are both motel options available. For a month you can rent a $300 a month motel and for a week there are $150 weekly motels.

Houston offers incredible motel offers and deals. So, first check the $300 a month motel Houston, TX discounts and offers and then you rent. Make your trip affordable with cheap weekly motel rates in Houston.

Cheap Weekly Motels in Houston, TX

If you are looking for cheap weekly motels in Houston, TX, you’re in the right place. here we are to guide you properly to find cheap motels Houston. Many Houston motels weekly rates offer weekly rates to provide their guests with cheaper long-term accommodation.

There are several popular motel chains where you can easily find $150 weekly motels Houston TX including Extended Stay America, Motel 6, and Studio 6. All these cheap monthly motels in Houston TX offer different price ranges. But, almost all the cheap weekly motels in Houston TX are cheaper.

Cheap Weekly Motels in Houston, TX
Cheap Weekly Motels in Houston, TX

Another advantage of renting $150 weekly motels near me is weekly rate motels are cheaper than nightly rates. You can directly call the motels for rent by week and ask them for a discount on cheap weekly rate motels in Houston TX.

Cheap Weekly Motels Near Me Under $30

Cheap weekly motels near me under $30 mean the price is too budget-friendly to book. It means you have to pay $30 for a night to stay for a week there. So, you can find such cheap motels Houston weekly rates Online.

Also, using GlobalHotelFinder.com Coupon codes you can get more exclusive discounts. So, go to Google and there search for “$150 weekly motels Houston TX“. You will get the best discounts and deals on motels near my location.

Various trusted websites offer affordable Houston motels weekly rates. So, check the rates, compare them, and grab the cheapest one according to your budget. After comparing rates you can find motels under $200 a week near me.

Top Affordable Motels in Houston TX

Motels in Houston TXAddressPhone NumberRatings
Crystal Inn Downtown5006 North Fwy, Houston, TX 77022, United States+1 281-651-23334.6 star
Americas Inn8201 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77074, United States+1 713-772-36263.4 star
America’s Inn10552 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77074, United States+1 713-270-95593.4 star
Palace Inn Westheimer13561 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77077, United States+1 281-556-12364.1 star
Crystal Inn10830 S Main St, Houston, TX 77025, United States+1 832-962-76104.2 star
Motel 6 Houston, TX – 249 – Willowbrook7505 Fallbrook Dr, Houston, TX 77086, United States+1 281-440-01003.2 star
Motel 6 Houston, TX – Spring415 FM 1960, Houston, TX 77073, United States+1 281-784-11122.9 star
Rodeway Inn & Suites6712 Morningside Dr, Houston, TX 77030, United States+1 713-663-62003.1 star
Motel 6 Webster, TX – Houston – Nasa Lake1001 W NASA Pkwy, Webster, TX 77598, United States+1 281-332-45813.5 star
Moonlight Inn & Suites8228 Gulf Fwy, Houston, TX 77017, United States+1 713-645-26563.4 star
Details of Houston, TX motels with address, phone number, and ratings

How Much Are Houston Motels Weekly Rates?

Houston motels weekly rates are affordable for every type of traveler. So, don’t worry! You can find them within your pocket budget.

But, we can’t provide you with the exact weekly motel rates Houston. The price or rate depends on various factors like the time of the year you’re booking, location, amenities, facilities, etc. But, here we have provided you with the average rate.

So, according to our research in Houston, you’ll get $150 weekly motels to motels under $200 a week. Now, you can filter your search by entering your price range. This is an amazing feature that you’ll see ONLINE. And that’s why to find your stay ONLINE.

$199 Weekly Hotel Houston

Not only motels in Houston offer cheap rates but also affordable cheap hotels in Houston Texas offer the best deals at cheap rates. If you can’t find an affordable motel in your location, then you can go for weekly hotels Houston. You may have to pay a little more if you rent hotels. You will find a $199 weekly hotel Houston.

Weekly rate hotels Houston offer something more than motels. So, you will get the value according to your payment. Weekly stay hotels Houston are larger and more spacious than motels. So, for a week, weekly rate hotels Houston TX also can be a great option to stay.

$199 Weekly Hotel Houston
$199 Weekly Hotel Houston

Search and discover the cheap Extended stay hotels Houston that are pocket-friendly.

Some of the extended stay hotels Houston are:

  • Budget Suites.
  • Candlewood Suites.
  • Homestead Studios.
  • Metro Extended Stay.
  • Savannah Suites.
  • Studio 6.
  • Studio Plus.
  • Value Place.

Monthly Hotel Rates in Houston, TX

Monthly hotels rates in Houston, TX are affordable. So, you can find your affordable stay in a Houston hotel.

Here we have mentioned some popular and affordable hotels that offer monthly rates in Houston.

  1. Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Houston
  2. Extended Stay America – Houston – Galleria – Uptown
  3. Regency Inn & Suite

The features you’re going to get in a monthly hotel Houston are:

  1. Extended Stay Suites
  2. Fully Equipped Kitchen
  3. Housekeeping Services
  4. High-Speed Internet
  5. Utilities Included
  6. On-Site Laundry Facilities
  7. Fitness Center
  8. Swimming Pool
  9. Parking Facilities
  10. Pet-Friendly Accommodations
  11. 24/7 Front Desk Assistance
  12. Access to Business Services
  13. Common Areas and Outdoor Spaces
  14. Security

Extended Stay Downtown Houston

Do you need affordable accommodation in Houston for a week, month, or more? Then you’re lucky that you’ve come here. There are several great options available for you like an extended stay downtown Houston.

Extended Stay Hotels,” also known as “extended stay hotels,” are often labeled as such because they offer services and benefits that make travelers feel at home for several weeks or months.

The extended stay motels in Houston include a room, kitchenette, bathroom, balcony, etc. There are also extended stays with all utilities included available. You’ll get discounted weekly and monthly rates at Extended Stay in Houston.

Explore and discover extended stay Houston weekly rates that meet your budget and needs perfectly.

All the $150 weekly motels Houston TX features and services are available at these extended stays. You can also find motels downtown Houston with some extra discounts.

Navigating the Rental Process

Understanding Lease Agreements

Go into the details of rental contracts, and get to know what terms and conditions come with your cheap place. Know enough to make smart choices.

Budgeting for Additional Costs

More than the weekly rent, there are extra costs to think about. Learn about budgeting tips for things like electricity and food so you can use your money wisely while living in Brooklyn.

Which Is Better 150 Weekly Motels Houston TX Or $199 Weekly Hotels Houston?

The choice between a $150 weekly motel in Houston, TX, and a $199 weekly hotel in Houston depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:

  1. Budget: If cost is a primary concern, the $150 weekly motel is the more economical choice, as it is cheaper per week.
  2. Amenities: Consider the amenities offered by each option. The $199 weekly hotel might provide more upscale or extensive amenities compared to the $150 weekly motel. This could include better room quality, complimentary breakfast, fitness facilities, or a swimming pool.
  3. Location: Examine the location of both options. A motel or hotel’s proximity to your intended destinations and attractions in Houston is crucial. Choose the one that offers more convenience for your activities.
  4. Duration of Stay: If you plan to stay for an extended period, consider whether the $199 hotel offers additional benefits like loyalty rewards or discounts for longer stays. Sometimes, higher-end accommodations provide better deals for extended bookings.
  5. Reviews and Reputation: Research guest reviews and ratings for both options. Lower-priced weekly stay motels near me with excellent reviews might be a better choice than a pricier hotel with poor reviews.

We recommend you thoroughly research and compare both accommodation and to make your final decision.

Pet-friendly Hotels Near Houston, TX

Here are some of the hotels in Houston, Texas that are not only budget-friendly but also best stay for pets.

  • Hyatt Place Houston-North.
    • Address: 300 United Leuva Cir, Houston, TX 77060.
    • Phone number: (281) 820-6060.
  • Home2 Suites by Hilton Houston Energy Corridor.
    • Address: 1106 Sherwood Forest St, Houston, TX 77043
    • Phone number: (832) 358-1000
  • Extended Stay America – Houston – Westchase – Westheimer.
    • Address: 2424 W Sam Houston Pkwy S, Houston, TX 77042
    • Phone number: (713) 532-0524
  • Comfort Inn & Suites SW Houston Sugarland.
    • Address: 11050 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77074
    • Phone number: (281) 568-6969
  • Best Western Plus Houston Energy Corridor.
    • Address: 1000 Hwy 6, Houston, TX 77079
    • Phone number: (281) 589-5556

Kid-friendly Hotels Near Houston, TX

  • Best Western Galleria Inn & Suites.
    • Address: 6229 Richmond Ave., Houston, TX 77057
    • Phone number: (713) 783-8388
  • The Woodlands Resort, Curio Collection by Hilton.
    • Address: 2301 N Millbend Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77380
    • Phone number: (281) 367-1100
  • The Royal Sonesta Houston Galleria.
    • Address: 2222 W Loop S, Houston, TX 77027
    • Phone number: (713) 627-7600
  • Drury Inn & Suites Houston Near the Galleria.
    • Address: 1615 W Loop S, Houston, TX 77027
    • Phone number: (713) 963-0700
  • Omni Houston Hotel.
    • Address: 4 Riverway Dr, Houston, TX 77056
    • Phone number: (713) 871-8181

Cozy Hotels Near Houston, TX

Almost all the hotels and motels offer comfortable stays.

  • Best Western Galleria Inn & Suites.
    • Address: 6229 Richmond Ave., Houston, TX 77057
    • Phone number: (713) 783-8388
  • The Royal Sonesta Houston Galleria.
    • Address: 2222 W Loop S, Houston, TX 77027
    • Phone number: (713) 627-7600
  • Hotel ZaZa Museum District.
    • Address: 5701 Main St, Houston, TX 77005
    • Phone number: (713) 526-1991
  • The Woodlands Resort, Curio Collection by Hilton.
    • Address: 2301 N Millbend Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77380
    • Phone number: (281) 367-1100
  • Sara’s Inn.
    • Address: 941 Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77008
    • Phone number: (713) 868-1130


In conclusion, $150 weekly motels Houston TX are the best affordable accommodation options, if you’re planning a trip to Houston TX. These motels are both comfortable and affordable.

With a range of attractive amenities, these motels will make your stay more enjoyable. So, let’s pack your bag and experience the amazing city Houston, without compromising comfort and spending so much money.

Here we have mentioned a few faqs to clear your all doubts. If you’ve any queries then comment below or contact us.

FAQs on Weekly and Monthly Motels

Which Are the Best Cheap Motels in Houston?

Econo Lodge, Quality Inn, America’s Inn are the best cheap motels in Houston. Other several motels offer cheap weekly and monthly rates in Houston.

How Much is Houston Motel Tonight Costs?

A motel tonight in Houston may cost from $50-$70 on average.

How Much Does It Cost to Stay at a Motel in Houston for a Week?

For a week a motel may cost $150 in Houston. Here w have mentioned details on $150 weekly motels Houston TX. Check them out and book your stay.

Are $150 Weekly Motels a Good Option to Stay in Houston for Long-term Stays?

Yes, definitely. $150 weekly motels Houston TX are one of the good options to stay. But, we’ll recommend you check the motel rate, reviews, deal, and quality before booking it.

What Are the Amenities Offered by the $150 Weekly Motels Houston TX?

Wi-Fi, TV, Air Conditioning, Housekeeping Services, Free Parking, Complimentary Breakfast, Kitchenette or Microwave, Pet-Friendly Rooms, Laundry Facilities, 24/7 Front Desk, Access to Local Attractions.

Are There Any Cheap but Alright Places to Stay in Houston?

Yes, definitely. Motels are the best places that are cheap but offer the best deals and are safe, secure with full of comfort in Houston.

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