Is it Better to Stay in a Resort When Traveling or in a Hotel?

Is it Better to Stay in a Resort When Traveling or in a Hotel? Both hotels and resorts offer accommodation but cater to different needs.

If you’re going for a vacation or a business trip, then your first work to do is to find the right accommodation that meets your budget and expectations. Both hotels and resorts offer accommodation but cater to different needs. In this post, we compare the features, locations, services, and overall experiences of hotels versus resorts.

In short, we can say that both resorts and hotels have facilities suitable for temporary guests. The difference in most cases is that the so-called resort usually has additional sports and leisure facilities that are integrated into a natural environment and attract visitors beyond the space. However, many hotels already have facilities of this type, which in many cases allows you to relax in the best resorts.

This will help you decide which one is best for your next trip. Read on for a detailed comparison of what to expect from hotels and resorts so you can make the ideal choice based on your travel style and needs.

Key points

  • Resorts offer more luxury amenities whereas hotels offer some basic only. So, if you want to enjoy luxury amenities go for resorts.
  • Resrts are not located in the city center, they are mainly located near beaches. Whereas hotels are located all over the city, wherever you want to stay.
  • Resorts may offer luxury, but they often come with a higher price tag compared to hotels.
  • You have to compare the amenities, location, accessibility, and price between both the hotel and resort. And book according to your needs.

What Is a Hotel?

A hotel is a place to stay created specifically for travelers. There is a wide variety of hotels and their services vary from one place to another. In most hotels, you will find meals and other guest amenities, such as Access to a spa or gym.

Some hotels are aimed at a specific target group, such as business travelers. They typically include conference rooms and special event rooms, although some are now common amenities in hotels and resorts.

Note: Hotels tend to be less private than resorts due to the space available to visitors.

What Is a Resort?

A resort has everything a hotel has and more. It can be considered a destination in its own right, as most resorts have everything you need for your vacation in one place.

A resort includes everything like food, drinks, entertainment, shopping, activities, a spa, etc. Resort experiences can vary and are often themed. Activities at many resorts depend on the surroundings, such as ski resorts, resorts hidden in the rainforest, or on a stunning white sand beach.

Note: Unlike hotels, resorts are usually located in rural settings and offer a pleasant retreat from everyday life.

Resorts and Hotels: Types of Travelers

Since hotels and resorts typically offer different packages, the types of travelers they attract are also diverse.

Hotels are suitable for all types of travelers. This can range from family visitors and tourists to business travelers. It’s safe to say that the regular hotel guest doesn’t expect to spend much time in their accommodation.

Resort vs Hotel
Resort vs Hotel

Tourists are usually attracted to resorts. Many people book resorts to enjoy the experience that the resort offers. For some, a specific vacation spot is the main reason for planning a vacation to a specific location. Essentially, the resort is its destination.

Although hotels and resorts may seem similar at first glance, closer inspection reveals that each attracts a specific type of customer.

Explain The Advantages of a Hotel

You can choose a comfortable place to hang your hat or a hotel with many amenities for a comfortable stay. But you have to consider the price because time is worth much more than money. However, time equals money.

By saving on flights, hotels, and transport to the islands you can stay on the islands a little longer. This means you have more time on the beach, under the tropical waterfall, on the surfboard, or in a wetsuit. Time is the most precious thing you have in Hawaii. With more time, you have more opportunities to create unforgettable memories.

So when looking for hotels, ask yourself what amenities you need.

Explain The Advantages of a Resort

Are you searching for relaxation and Recreation then go for resorts. Resorts provide amenities such as a pool, fitness center, etc. which enhance a guest’s comfort and enjoyment.

However, resorts typically offer more activities on a larger scale than hotels. If you’re just looking for somewhere to stay, a hotel may have everything you need. However, if you prefer comfort with a wide range of amenities, resorts are the right choice.

Resorts offer single, double, and family rooms for your comfort and convenience.

Which Is Better For a Family With Trip a Resort or a Hotel?

Let’s explore the answer here.

Resorts for a Family

The resorts offer a variety of dining options, a kids’ club or children’s programs, water slides, pools, and facilities for the fun of younger vacationers, as well as activities for adults. The goal is to provide you with everything you need while removing any logistical hurdles.

Staying at a resort doesn’t mean you can’t leave the property, but you might not want to. If you’re looking for a vacation with your little one that offers relaxation, minimal planning, and entertainment, a resort may be right for you.

Which Is Better For a Family With Trip a Resort or a Hotel?
Which Is Better For a Family With Trip a Resort or a Hotel?

Hotels for a Family

Sometimes the goal of your trip is to spend time outside of your accommodation and exploring the surrounding area. These adventures are one of the main reasons we travel with kids, and no matter where you choose to stay, we recommend renting a car and heading out to show your kids the world.

Note: If you’re looking for a little more adventure on your family trip, you may not want to pay extra for resort amenities. Instead, you can imagine a “hotel” that better suits your needs.

Which Offers the Best Amenities for Every Type of Traveler a Resort or a Hotel?

When it comes to amenities, resorts have it all, than hotels. Restaurants, nightclubs, spas, and shops are just some of the amenities you can find at a resort.

Resorts usually have several restaurants that offer guests a varied cuisine during their stay. Resort properties tend to be larger and feature huge pools, beautiful gardens, and a long stretch of coastline.

This is beneficial for guests who would rather not leave the property to get what they want during their relaxing vacation. However, for anyone who wants to spend their days exploring the area and eating out every evening, this is a bit of a waste. And so, they can go for a hotel stay as hotel in-room amenities are more attractive.

Which Is Better in Comparison of Location & Access a Resort or a Hotel?

Resorts are mainly located near beaches, mountains, or countryside. Resorts at the type of Getaway that provide relaxation away from your urban life.

Hotels are located everywhere in the city including city centers, business districts, and tourist attractions.

Now you have to select a resort or hotel depending on your need. Every hotel and resort is accessible to guests. Now select a hotel or resort that will give you more enjoyment.

Which Offers the Most Activities a Resort or a Hotel?

Since most guests spend their time outside the hotel, in-hotel activities may be limited to going to the gym. However, the most popular properties are located near busy main roads, airports, and other densely populated areas, so it’s usually not difficult to find things to do nearby.

At the resorts, guests can now enjoy a variety of activities just steps from their room. Guests often have the opportunity to enjoy everything from mountain exploration to sophisticated eco-tours, beach lounging, and a world of water sports. Many resorts offer their guests a variety of land sports such as tennis, basketball, (beach) volleyball, golf, and even bowling.

This is also ideal for guests who like to be a little active during their relaxing stay. However, all of these extras are lost on the person who has come to experience the immediate surroundings.

What Types of Hotels Are Available to Book?

There are many types and categorizations of hotels, which may depend on their location or size. Hotels can also be classified by star rating (one to five-star hotels) or by accommodation needs, be it budget or reason for stay. Below we analyze some of the most common hotel types and their differences.

  • Boutique hotels
  • Independent hotels
  • Chain hotels
  • Motels
  • 5-star hotels
  • 4-star hotels
  • 3-star hotels
  • 2-star hotels
  • 1-star hotels

What Types of Resorts Are Available to Book?

There are also several classifications available in resorts. A few types of resorts and mentioned below here. Check the list now:

  • All-inclusive resorts
  • Recreation and wellness resorts
  • Eco-tourism resorts
  • Family resorts
  • Luxury and adults-only resorts
  • Beach resorts

Is it Better to Stay in a Resort When Traveling or in a Hotel?

The answer to this question depends on what you are traveling for, how long you plan to stay there, and what type of experience you want to have.

Whether a resort or hotel is best for you depends on the purpose of your trip, the length of your stay, and the type of experience you are looking for.

Go to the resort if you can afford it. The best amenities in the world are at your disposal for a truly relaxing holiday.
A resort is likely to offer you more if you’re planning a long-awaited family trip or want to relax and do as little preparation as possible.

If you are on a budget, consider a hotel with air conditioning and a good location. A hotel is probably the best option for you if you are simply looking for accommodation close to the city center or if you want to spend most of your time exploring the area around your accommodation.


In short, hotels and resorts meet different needs. Hotels offer convenient urban locations for exploring the cities, while resorts offer all-inclusive relaxation in tranquil surroundings. Your travel priorities and interests will determine whether a hotel or resort is a better option. By booking early, you can get great prices on your preferred option. The key is to find accommodation that suits your ideal vacation mood.

Both hotels and resorts are perfect for family vacations. We have compared between hotels and resorts with several points. You can compare the points and factors to select one that suits you perfectly.

We have also compiled a few faqs that will resolve your queries. If you have any more queries then comment below or contact us.


Is it better to stay in a resort?

Resorts tend to be more spacious and offer guests everything they need in one place. So, if you need a cozy, spacious, comfortable place with luxurious endless amenities, then the resort is a better stay for you.

What is the best accommodation when you travel?

Hotels have long been a staple of the travel industry and remain the preferred choice for many travelers. Hotels offer a wide range of amenities at budget-friendly rates and so so budget travelers’ hotel is the best accommodation.

What’s the difference between a hotel and a resort?

Typically, the main difference between resorts and hotels is the amenities. Hotels are aimed at travelers who need a place to stay in a specific destination, while resorts are usually destinations in their own right. Resorts tend to be more spacious and offer guests everything they need in one place.

What is the most preferred accommodation for low budget tourists?

A hotel is the most preferred accommodation for low-budget tourists.

What is the difference between all-inclusive and non-all-inclusive resorts?

An all-inclusive resort means you don’t have to leave the resort. You have everything you need at your fingertips, restaurants, drinks, etc. If you want to explore the area further, you can book a non-inclusive resort.