Rooms for Rent under $150/week

You can find rooms for rent under $150/week at various locations, including urban and suburban areas.

The availability of rooms in this price range depends on the local real estate market, but in general, you will find this type of room in cheaper areas or in common-life situations with greater probability.

When looking for rooms in this price range, you may be ready to work on some comfort, e.g. your own bathroom or a large habitat.

However, you can still find comfortable and affordable living spaces that have access to common areas such as a living room, a kitchen, or laundry facilities.

Some popular websites to find rooms for rent weekly pay in this price range are Craigslist, Roomster, and Roomi.

You can also consider communicating with local housing agencies, the university’s apartment departments, or municipalities for potential customers in available rooms.

Where to Book Rooms for Rent Under $150/week in Your Area?

We don’t know why people become so confused to find weekly room rentals in their area. The Internet has a growing market and then also people are confused.

If you need any budget-friendly accommodation then go to the internet.

Search for rooms for rent under $150/week and then you will get several websites offering you weekly rooms to rent.

Rooms for Rent Under $150/week
Rooms for Rent Under $150/week

Getting these affordable rooms for rent is difficult to find out. But, if you want to save your money and stay within budget then you have to spend some time exploring the rooms for rent under $150/week.

Amenities and Services Offered by Cheap Weekly Rooms for Rent

People think cheap rooms for rent under $150/week just offer a bed and basic amenities. But, here is a small list of amenities and services offered by the cheap weekly rooms for rent.

Furnished rooms

Many cheap weekly rooms for rent under $150/week are fully equipped with a bed, and comfortable and basic furniture, which can be useful if you do not have your own furniture.

One of the inclusive supply companies

Some rooms for rent under $150/week may include supply companies such as electricity, gas, water, and the Internet in the rental price with which you can save money in monthly invoices.

Cooking and living room

Many rooms for rent under $150/week can have a common kitchen and a living room so you can make contact with other tenants and save money when eating.

Weekly cleaning services

Some weekly rooms for rent can offer weekly cleaning services for common rooms and help maintain a clean and decent living environment.

Access to transport

Some rooms for rent under $150/week can be located near public transport or offer transport services. This can be useful if it does not have a car.

Advantages of Renting Rooms under $150/week?

Finding rooms for rent under $150/week are not too difficult. Above here we have mentioned the process of finding affordable rooms near me. But, why should you need to rent rooms under $150 a week? Let’s know here:


In other accommodation like hotels, resorts, suite provide luxurious stay with expensive rates and that is why renting rooms are affordable than other accommodations.


Mostly rooms for rent don’t have any rule and time of check-in and check-out. You can enter anytime you want. So, there is a flexibility that is a big advantage for you to plan your travel schedule easily.

Access to amenities

In room rentals you are allowed to access the amenities like kitchens, laundry, etc. which can help you save money and stay comfortably.


These rooms for rent are often located in residential areas. And that can be more convenient, peaceful environment for you.

What Should You have to Know Before Renting a Room?

There are a few factors and points that you have to know before renting a room. We have mentioned the factors below here. check them out now-

What is included in the rent?

It is important to clarify what is included in the rent, such as: additional costs, internet or parking. This will help you budget and avoid unexpected expenses.

Are there any additional charges?

Some room rentals may have additional charges for things like cleaning, laundry, or use of certain services. Find out about additional fees in advance to avoid unexpected charges.

What is the rental period?

It is important to clarify the rental period, whether it is weekly, monthly or longer. This helps you plan your stay and avoids misunderstandings with the owner.

What are the rules and regulations to rent a room?

Every landlords have their separate and special rules and regulation to rent and stay in a room. So, check it and then rent the room.

Is the room furnished or unfurnished?

Clarify whether the room will be delivered furnished or unfurnished. If the room is included with a bed, and wardrobe only then also it’s find to rent.

Cheap Motels That Rent by the Week Near Me

Motels are known as the cheapest lodging with private rooms and bathrooms. So, people think this is not a good stay. But, here we have mentioned a few top motels that offer best deals in the USA.

Cheap Motels That Rent by the Week Near Me
Cheap Motels That Rent by the Week Near Me

Motel 6

This budget motor chain offers weekly prices in many locations. The prices vary depending on the location but are generally quite affordable.

Extended Stay America

This chain offers furnished suites with cooking and laundry systems, which makes it a good option for longer stays. Weekly prices are available and often offer discounts for longer stays.

Red Roof Inn

This motel offers weekly prices in many locations, and some properties have cooking and laundry systems.

Super 8

This budget motor chain offers weekly prices in many locations, and some properties have free breakfast and laundry systems.

Budget Suites of America

This chain specializes in longer accommodations, with fully furnished apartments and all public services included in the weekly price.

Value Place

This chain offers an extended stay of accommodations with weekly prices and all inclusive public services. At many locations, they have cooking and laundry facilities.

How Much Are Weekly Hotel Room Rentals?

On average, cheap weekly hotel rooms rent in the USA are $200-$400 per week. It is an average as it depends on the quality and class of the hotel, time of booking, location, etc.

You can get even cheaper hotel rates. Like low budget hotels cost $100-$150 per week. Also, in luxurious hotels, you will get a stay for $800-$100 per week.

There are several $100 a week extended stay hotels that include kitchenettes, on-site laundry facilities, and other amenities, which can drive up the cost.

Actually, extended stay calculates the cost of guests according to the length of the stay. Also, if you add some extra facilities to your stay then obviously the price will go up.

Be sure to read reviews and check the hotel’s website for information on amenities and additional fees.

You can even find rooms for rent $125 a week near me with great services, amenities, and facilities.

What Is Included in Furnished Rooms for Rent under $150/week in Tampa Florida?

The specific comfort and services that are included in the furnished rooms in Tampa, Florida, can vary depending on the rental property and offers of the owner.

However, there are some typical comfort and services that you can expect in furnished rooms for rent under $150/week in Tampa:

Furnished Rooms for Rent
Furnished Rooms for Rent
  1. Furniture: The room is equipped with base furniture such as a bed, dressing table, desk, and chair.
  2. Public services: Most rented rooms for rent include basic public services such as electricity, water, and gas.
  3. Internet and cable: Some owners can contain internet and cables in the weekly rent.
  4. Access to the kitchen: In the kitchen, you can cook any meal according to your taste. Everything is available there to cook anyhow.
  5. Cleaning services: Some owners can offer cleaning services for common areas or the room themselves.
  6. Laundry facilities: Some rentals can include access to laundry facilities such as a washing machine and dryer.

Hotel and Motel Rooms for Rent in the Bronx for $100 a Week

Rooms for Rent In BronxAddressPhone NumberReview
Metro Motel691 E 241st St, The Bronx, NY 10470, United States+1 718-994-0566Good
Vybe Hotel Bronx4600 White Plains Rd, The Bronx, NY 10470, United States+1 718-994-0760Good
7 Days Hotel2338 Bruckner Blvd, The Bronx, NY 10473, United States+1 718-822-2434Fair
Wheeler Hotel Bronx1162 Wheeler Ave, The Bronx, NY 10472, United States+1 718-942-5101Fair
MONTI HOTEL4320 Bronx Blvd, The Bronx, NY 10466, United States+1 718-653-7840Fair
Flushing Motel34-50 Linden Pl, Queens, NY 11354, United States+1 718-539-1600Fair
Pelham Garden Motel1990 E Gun Hill Rd, The Bronx, NY 10469, United States+1 718-379-2300Good
Morris Guest HouseMorris Ave, E Tremont Ave, The Bronx, NY 10453, United States+1 347-450-3030Very Good
Umbrella Hotel681 Elton Ave, The Bronx, NY 10455, United States+1 718-924-2100Very Good
Hutchinson Whitestone Motel2815 Westchester Ave, The Bronx, NY 10461, United States+1 718-824-5840Good
Details of rooms for rent including address, phone number, and review

$300 Room for Rent Dallas, TX

In general, US $300 is a relatively low price for rent in the Dallas region, and can find that it is difficult to rent an apartment.

If you are looking for a space of $300 for rent in Dallas, you can discover that the location is outside the city center or in a less desirable neighborhood. The room itself can be relatively small or not have services such as your own bath or kitchen.

In general, it is difficult to find a room for rent of $300 in Dallas for rent. However, it may be possible to find an economic life situation with roommates in a less central or less comfortable location.

Room for Rent $300 a Month Near Me

Most people ask us that is it possible to find a good quality room for rent $300 a month?

We always answer them yes, it is 100% possible to find out a room for rent $200 a month near me even. In rural areas, you can get even cheaper rate rooms from this.

However, keep in mind that in some cases the lowest price reflects a less quality life situation, a common room or a less desirable neighborhood.

It is important to thoroughly investigate possible life situations and owners before committing to a rental agreement, regardless of the rental price.

Be sure to ask questions about rental conditions, all the necessary deposits or rates, as well as the expectations of living rooms and common responsibilities.


How Can I Find Rooms for Rent in the USA Which I Can Afford?

First, go to Google to search for the accommodation you want, go to a trusted site and there you will get a filter where you can set your price range. And you will get a room that you can afford. But, almost everyone can afford rooms for rent under $150/week.

How Much Would It Cost to Rent a Single Bedroom in the USA?

Actually, the rent amount depends on the length of your stay, including many other factors. So, on average, we can say that a single bedroom for a week may cost $150-$200.

Which One is the Value for Money Website for Renting Rooms in USA?

Zumper, Airbnb, Craigslist are the websites for renting rooms in the USA that give you real value for money.


In conclusion, we can say that rooms for rent under $150/week near me are the best place to book and can be afforded by every type of traveler. Here we have given every detailed info and guide to you including a few faqs. For more queries comment below or contact us.