Safest Best Places to Travel Solo Female in US within Budget

Best Places to Travel Solo Female in US: Solo travel has become more trending in recent years. Many female traveler need the freedom and independence of being able to explore new places on their own. However, finding safe and secure travel destinations can be a little tough, especially for women traveling solo.

Don’t worry!

We will help you find the best places to travel solo female in US. Once you find the right place, it can be a memorable experience for a lifetime. Several cities in the United States are perfect for women traveling alone. From bustling cities to quaint small towns, there is a destination for every traveler.

If you’re traveling solo to be female then you can enjoy the place and relax but also explore or discover yourself.

Although traveling alone offers independence and freedom, it is important to have some useful tips to make the most of your trip. We provide valuable advice on booking accommodation, choosing transport options, and participating in activities suitable for solo travelers

Top 10 Best Places to Travel Solo Female in US

When it comes to solo fashion retreats for women in the United States, there are many enchanting locations to explore. With a variety of attractions, food alternatives, and creative conditioning, these sites ensure that solo women travelers can take unforgettable trips full of adventure, relief, and personal growth.

Top 10 Best Places to Travel Solo Female in US
Top 10 Best Places to Travel Solo Female in US

Check out the list of Best Places to Travel Solo Female in US below:

1. New York City, New York

Are you traveling solo? Are you a lady? Okay, then the first place that is perfect for you is New York City. A city that is vibrant, bustling, and full of entertainment is the best place where everyone wants to go.

They are in New York City you can explore the best museums, attractive art galleries, and iconic monuments, which will make your trip exciting. There you can also explore Central Park the famous Statue of Liberty etc.

2. Portland, Oregon

When a female is traveling solo then they may need a place where they can relax and for this, Portland, Oregon is perfect. It is a friendly city where females are safe and can enjoy the ultimate without worrying about their safety.

Portland is a city where a solo female Traveller can explore the amazing museums and calories including the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

3. San Francisco California

San Francisco is an ideal choice for women’s independent exploration, known for its unique fusion of cultures, tranquil landscapes, and iconic landmarks. Ride the famous cable cars to Fisherman’s Wharf or explore Golden Gate Park for a relaxing experience.

4. Washington DC

If you’re worried about activities that might keep you busy while traveling alone, Washington D.C. It’s the place to be. This is a perfect place for a weekend getaway.

Now why Washington DC is one of the best places to travel solo female in US? Because there are countless museums, iconic monuments, and amazing tours that will make your traveling more exciting. We recommend the perfect season for you which is mid-March to mid-April.

5. Asheville, North Carolina

The city is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains and has an amazing view that is perfect for nature lovers. If you’re a nature lover and want the best place to travel being a solo female then this city is best for you.

6. Austin, Texas

Texas isn’t the first US state that only female travelers consider, but you should give it a chance. Texans are friendly, always open to conversation, and enjoy a delicious barbecue.

The food in Austin is delicious and the city is pleasant and walkable. You will find it difficult to feel alone and uncomfortable in this city.

7. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Are you a beach lover? Then Virginia Beach City is perfect for you. Why? Because this beach is safe for females. Being a solo female traveler the main thing you should consider is safety. And when you get the beach vibrant with safety and some city vibrant also then the place going to be one of the best places to travel solo female in US.

8. Savana, Georgia

With its grand charm, pre-war architecture, and picturesque locations, Savannah is a pleasant destination for the solo travelers among us. Stroll through the megacity’s cobblestone streets, visit important sites, and experience the warm southern hospitality.

9. Ogunquit (Maine)

For a unique beach experience, Ogunquit offers a charming coastal town atmosphere with a beautiful sandy beach. The Camino Marginal, a scenic clifftop trail, is perfect for solo hikes with stunning views.

10. Siesta Key, Florida

Most of the female travelers are looking for a relaxing beach experience. So, if you; ‘re among those who just want to chill on the beach then consider the place Siesta Key, Florida. The relaxed atmosphere contributes to the overall impression.

Safety Tips You Should Know Before Travelling Solo As A Female

First, let’s talk about some safety tips for women traveling alone to the United States. They are largely the same as in all other countries. There are some simple rules you should follow when traveling alone to make your life easier, facilitate your trip, and avoid problems. Important things to do before traveling:

Safety Tips You Should Know Before Travelling Solo As A Female
Safety Tips You Should Know Before Travelling Solo As A Female
  1. Research the destination
    You have to know very well where you are going. This way you can avoid unpleasant situations and know what can and cannot be done. For example, it is important to know neighborhoods in advance to book your accommodation in the safest area and avoid venturing into areas that are not safe for walking, especially if you are traveling alone.
  2. Know how to use transportation
    The other thing you need to know is how to use transportation. Some bad things, like pickpockets, tend to happen in transportation, but if you know how to get around, it’s the best way to get around. So don’t worry too much, just be careful.
  3. Don’t use too much
    The good thing is not to carry too many things. Leave the most important things in your accommodation. Don’t bring too much money and all your credit cards and documents. You don’t need all of these things and not carrying them with you can save them from theft.
  4. Be aware of your surroundings
    Do not store your belongings in places where you cannot fully see them. Always hold your bag, look around if you don’t like something or someone, and if so, walk away.
  5. Trust your instincts
    They will most likely be right in most cases. This way you can be careful and have an open/relaxed mind.

Ask the people around you if you’re facing some problem or need to ask someone.

Cheap Places to Travel Solo Female in US

Travelling solo being a female is an adventure. But if you are a student, or if you haven’t a budget to travel, then don’t lose hope. Here we are going to explore a few cheap places to travel solo female in the US.

Cheap Places to Travel Solo Female in US
Cheap Places to Travel Solo Female in US

Let’s explore the cheap best places to travel solo female in US:

  • Portland, Oregon.
  • Charlotte.
  • Harbor Springs.
  • Berkeley Springs.
  • Bethlehem.
  • Saint Petersburg.

All the places that we have mentioned here are not only cheap and best but also safe. When you are traveling solo as a female then the first thing you have to keep in mind is your safety. Nothing is bigger than your safety. So you can do your research about these places we have mentioned here, and book your trip only when you feel these places are safe for you.

Safe Places to Travel Alone as a Woman in US

As we told above also that when being a female you are traveling solo then the first thing you should consider is your safety. After thinking about your safety we have also decided to list places that are suggested for you.

Safe Places to Travel Alone as a Woman in US
Safe Places to Travel Alone as a Woman in US

So let’s take a look at our compiled list of safe places to travel alone as a woman in US:


The Green Mountain State is the safest place for solo female travelers. More than half of all overnight reservations in Vermont are from women traveling alone, Laws said. Is easy to see why. The state offers stunning outdoor beauty (think mountain views and crystal-clear lakes) for hiking and the most museums per capita.


Calling all ski enthusiasts, nature lovers, and downtown visitors! Colorado offers tourists a little bit of everything.


Minnesota is a budget-friendly place and popular as the safest place. According to research you can feel like your home at this place.


Solo female travelers can feel comfortable traveling to The First State, which is small but full of history and a beautiful coastline. Explore Delaware’s stunning colonial architecture and stop at one of the beautiful state parks for a relaxing retreat. The state is the second safest in the country for women and has access to high-speed internet, so digital nomads can be happy.


Hawaii is a dream vacation for many and a safe and popular destination for solo female travelers. Most overnight stays with TrustedHousesitters in the Aloha State are booked by solo female travelers.

Some other safest places are:

Cambridge (Massachusetts), Roseville (California), Thousand Oaks (California), Fort Collins (Colorado), Bellevue (Washington), Irvine (California), Temecula (California), Fremont (California), etc.

First Time Solo Female Travel Destinations USA

Are you a first time solo female Traveller? Then check out our list of top destinations here first and then plan your trip.

First Time Solo Female Travel Destinations USA
First Time Solo Female Travel Destinations USA

New York, New York

New York is everyone’s dream city to visit. And when you are traveling alone to the city the excitement level will increase obviously.

For a city its size, New York is also quite safe, especially near Manhattan’s main tourist attractions. I never felt uncomfortable exploring Central Park or crossing the Brooklyn Bridge.

San Francisco California

San Francisco is another iconic American city. Unsurprisingly, solo travel in San Francisco is a wonderful option for new travelers due to the city’s fantastic tourism infrastructure.

For example, in San Francisco, there are several local tour operators. You can sign up for walking tours in specific neighborhoods or day trips to Muir Woods or wine country. And you don’t have to worry about planning! The guide does all the hard work for you!

Berkeley, California

Let’s pause to talk about some smaller cities. For solo travelers already traveling to San Francisco and looking to extend their stay, I recommend taking a few days to explore nearby Berkeley.

I’m sure everyone is familiar with UC Berkeley, but while the university campus is fascinating and worth a visit, the city of Berkeley offers even more activities that solo travelers can enjoy.

Charleston, South Carolina

Are you a big food enthusiast and want to travel alone to the United States for the first time? Then you have to visit Charleston, South Carolina.

The food is to die for. Charleston is also very walkable and has plenty of wonderful museums and historic homes that you can visit without having to rent your car.

Austin, Texas

Texas is a large state in the USA. And in Texas, the city of Austin is a safe place for solo travelers. And obviously, if you are traveling for the first time Austin is perfect for you.

In Austin, for example, there are plenty of fun, sociable hostels where you won’t feel like you’re traveling alone, but with some new friends!

Best Places to Travel Solo Female in US Beach

Let’s discover the best places to travel solo female in US with a beach Vibe:

Miami, Florida

If you’re looking for sun, sand, and a vibrant nightlife, Miami is the perfect place for the best solo female vacation in the USA. Enjoy the beautiful beaches, explore the diverse neighborhoods, indulge in Latin American cuisine, and dance The Way Through. The night in the city’s famous clubs.

Best Places to Travel Solo Female in US Beach
Best Places to Travel Solo Female in US Beach

Key West, Florida

This Key West, Florida beach is perfect for a solo traveler who wants to relax. You just not only enjoy the beach vibe but also enjoy a sunset at Mallory Square. Also, the beach activities will enhance your enjoyment

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Another great beach vacation place for a female solo Traveller is Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. You can relax, take a ride on SkyWheel, or explore the beach and enjoy.


In conclusion, a woman’s solo trip to the United States can be an empowering and enriching experience. Choosing safe, welcoming destinations that offer unique experiences for solo travelers is crucial.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 Best Places to Travel Solo Female in US. You can check the list and choose any place among them.

We have also compiled a few faqs on Best Places to Travel Solo Female in US that will resolve your queries. if you have any more queries comment below or contact us.

FAQs on Best Places to Travel Solo Female in US

Where can I travel alone for the first time in the US?

If you are traveling alone for the first time in the US then the best place for you is New York. From good public transportation to nearby shops, several attractions will make your trip memorable.

Where is the best beach to travel solo female in the US?

South Beach, Key Biscayne, and Crandon Park Beach are the best beaches to travel solo females in the US. As these places are safe, and have several activities to do.

Why is female solo travel important?

Traveling solo for a female is important because it increases the self-development, confidence, and power.

Is it a good idea to travel alone as a woman?

Yes, why not? Traveling alone gives women confidence, and freedom which helps them to be strong.

Is it safe for a single woman to travel alone around America (the US)?

Yes, it is safe. But, we recommend you to research the place where you’re going, before traveling. Also, you can choose only the safe places to travel solo. provide each and every travel and accommodation-related information. We are mainly focused on the Hotel, Motel, Rental, and Travel Releted Information category so, we provide Hotel, Motel, Rental, and Travel Releted Information related content if you are interested in the Hotel, Motel, Rental and Travel Releted Information category then you can visit daily to get the more latest information.

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