$300 Rooms for Rent in Philadelphia

$300 Rooms for Rent in Philadelphia: Philadelphia is a popular and expensive city in the USA. Living in Philadelphia may be highly costly. But you can find affordable stays in Philadelphia.

Also according to our research, we are able to find that you will get $300 rooms for rent in Philadelphia area. But this will only offer basic accommodation or a shared room, in less popular or expensive places.

You have to keep in mind that the price of room rent depends on market demand, location, season, etc. In this article let’s discover the factors and locations of rooms for rent for $300.

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How to Find $300 Rooms for Rent in Philadelphia?

As we know finding everything is easy through the Internet. So, firstly we will suggest you find $300 rooms for rent in Philadelphia online.

There you will get a lot of websites offering different types of, different ranges, and different deals on $300 a month room for rent services in Philadelphia.

You can also find and get the best offers from 3 bedroom houses for rent in Philadelphia under $800 so, that you can enjoy your own private house.

$300 Rooms for Rent in Philadelphia
$300 Rooms for Rent in Philadelphia

Let’s explore more:

1. Search Online for $300 Rooms for Rent In Philadelphia

As we told you there are so many websites offering $100 rooms for rent in Philadelphia. Some popular among them are Craigslist, Zillow, rent.com, etc.

When you just want to find $300 rooms for rent in Philadelphia, then you just have to filter your searches like the price range, the type of accommodation, you want to stay, etc.

Craigslist is also a great option for you if you are looking for affordable rentals in Philadelphia. Check out all their rental listings and find $300 rooms for rent in Philadelphia Craigslist.

2. Consider Location for Affordable Room Rental

When your budget is low and you just want to rent rooms for rent $300 a month near me then you have to focus on less expensive areas, downtown areas, a little away from crowded areas, or city attractions.

As in these areas, prices are low compared to the tourist attractions areas. So, there you can get affordable options.

So, location is another important point in finding affordable room rentals.

3. Be Flexible

You have to be flexible to find out $300 rooms for rent in Philadelphia. The most affordable option to find rooms for rent under $300, is sharing a room.

If you share a room with your roommate or rent a smaller or less luxurious accommodation to fit your budget then obviously you have to be flexible.

So to stay within budget our recommendation is to rent a room in a shared apartment or house.

4. Contact Landowners

Last but not least, contact the land owner directly or current roommates to know if there is any available room or not within your budget.

To find $300 rooms for rent in Philadelphia you have to provide your basic information to the landowner like your occupation, what you want to rent the room, from where you are, etc.

How to Book a Room for Rent $300 a Month Near Me?

As we told you the online booking process is the best process. So, here we will discuss how to book a room for rent $300 a month near me online.

You will get various options to compare deals, rates, prices, and reviews before booking places to rent for $300 a month near me. You can read real reviews by the previous guest to know the cleanliness, quality, and security of the hotel. Also, you are able to see real pictures on the websites.

You just have to use your internet connection and from home, you can easily find $300 rooms for rent in Philadelphia.

Rent rooms for weekly pay and enjoy your stay here.

Let’s start.

1. Search online

In any search engine like Google, or Bing what you prefer, go to the search engine and search for the rooms for rent $300 in Philadelphia.

After that, you will find various websites like Zillow, Craigslist, rooms.net, etc.

There you can find $300 rooms for rent in Philadelphia.

2. Set Your Budget

Firstly you have to determine your budget like your expenses, such as utilities, internet, transportation, room booking cost, accommodation fee, etc.

Then you have to keep some extra also for sudden need. So if your budget is $300 then you have to filter your search result in the price section and you have to set the price for $300.

3. Browse Listings

Look for room listings that fit within your budget and desired location.

Take a look at the details such as room size, amenities, and any specific requirements or restrictions.

4. Read The rental Agreement Carefully

Different room rentals have different policies. So we suggest you read the agreement carefully before booking or renting any room.

There may be some policies that may not fit you properly. so, it’s important to read the agreement before.

If there are any additional fees mentioned, then you have to avoid this. Also, you have to know from the agreement about the restrictions, limitations, the things you are allowed to access, etc.

5. Payment Agreement

The payment process is a big important thing about renting a room.

There may be various flexible options to pay and you can discuss with the land owner about payment processes like credit or debit card, online payment, bank transfer, or cash.

Choose the method in which you are flexible.

Be sure to take a receipt or confirmation of your payment process.

Low Income Rooms for Rent in Philadelphia

There are several resources to find low income rooms for rent in Philadelphia. If your budget is under $300 then just go for downtown areas and definitely, and you’ll get rooms for rent near me no deposit Philadelphia within budget. You can also search for hostels for cheap rates.

Rent Rooms in Philadelphia
Rent Rooms in Philadelphia

1. Affordable Housing Programs

In Philadelphia, you’ll find a lot of various type of affordable housing program, that provides affordable renting availability to low income people and families.

This affordable housing program offers subsidized housing or income-restricted units at a low rate.

Through the Philadelphia Housing Authority or Philadelphia Office of Housing and Community Development, you can apply for these low income rooms for rent.

2. Use Online Platforms

Search $300 rooms for rent in Philadelphia on online platforms, like Craigslist, Zillow, Facebook Marketplace, etc.

Some listings may specify affordable or low-income options, and you can use filters to narrow down your search based on your budget.

3. Community Development Corporations (CDCs)

CDCs are non-profit organizations that focus on community development and affordable housing in specific neighborhoods or communities.

Philadelphia has several CDCs that may offer low-income room rentals or other affordable housing options.

Research and contact CDCs in the neighborhoods to find low income $300 rooms for rent in Philadelphia.

4. Show Documents

If you want to get low-income rooms for rent $300 a month Philadelphia you have to show documentation of your income detail, employment status, and other important and relevant information to the landowner.

And thus you can get a lower rent.

$300 Rooms for Rent in Northeast Philadelphia

If you are finding $300 rooms for rent in Philadelphia then you have to keep some points in your mind. The rental process can vary depending on the location, amenities, quality of the rental property, etc.

Generally finding a room for rent at $300 per month in Northeast Philadelphia can be a challenging task. 

Depending on the size of the room, in-room amenities, convenience, and location, the price may range from $300 to $600 or more per month.

If you want to find $300 rooms for rent in Northeast Philadelphia, then you have to go and search for the current listings of 3 bedroom houses for rent in northeast Philadelphia. Because the prices may vary depending on the specific circumstances time and season. 

One extra tip for you that every time go through the reviews, and terms and conditions, along with the policies of the rental agreement before making any commitments or decisions.

$300 Rooms for Rent in West Philadelphia

To find $300 rooms for rent in West Philadelphia you have to check the current listing because the rental cost may vary depending on amenities, location, season, time, etc.

In $300 rooms for rent in Philadelphia, you’ll get the basic amenities such as a bed, access to a shared bathroom and kitchen, and basic utilities like electricity and water.

Try to find furnished room rentals, where you don’t have to think much about where to sleep, where to keep your dresses, etc. A furnished rental means you will get every piece of furniture and other amenities included.

Rooms for Rent for $300 in Philadelphia Downtown

Finding rooms for rent for $300 in downtown Philadelphia can be quite challenging, as downtown areas tend to have higher rental prices due to their proximity to amenities and job opportunities.

But don’t worry! We researched for you and discovered a few affordable rooms for rent for $300 in Philadelphia Downtown. Let’s check them out here:

  1. Aloft Philadelphia Downtown.
    • 101 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19107.
    • (215) 607-2020.
  2. Philadelphia Marriott Downtown.
    • Guest Entrance At, 1201 Market Street, 1200 Filbert St, Philadelphia, PA 19107.
    • (215) 625-2900.
  3. Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown.
    • 201 N 17th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103.
    • (215) 448-2000.

Search, explore, and discover $300 Rooms for Rent in Philadelphia this weekend and enjoy.

Comfortable Stay at $100 Rooms for Rent in Philadelphia

When you are looking for $100 rooms for rent in Philadelphia, then it will provide you with a budget stay but with fewer amenities.

Let’s know the amenities that will enhance your comfortable stay.

1. Bedding and Furniture

You are going to get a comfy bed and sofa in the room with clean sheets, pillows, covers, etc. in $300 rooms for rent in Philadelphia.

Also, a few pieces of furniture like a desk, chair, table, etc. are available in the room. And you don’t have to pay any extra fee or additional charges for these things, all of these are included in the room rent.

2. Shared or in-room Kitchen

Different room rentals have different policies, rules, amenities, etc. So, in some rooms, you may get an in-room kitchen facility and in some rooms, you may have to go to a shared kitchen.

In both cases, there are a few kitchen appliances like a refrigerator, stove, and microwave available.

3. Internet Access

Internet access is the most important amenity nowadays. if you want to stream any mobile entertaining app, play games on mobile, or want to work, you need a good internet connection.

Now, in most room rentals Wi-Fi is free. So, read the agreement and if the internet is not mentioned, then ask the landowner directly.

4. Common Areas

Read the agreement carefully to know which areas are accessible. If you are not allowed to access, the garden, roof, etc. then also ask the landowner.

Advantages of Renting $300 Rooms Within Budget

We suggest you rent $300 rooms near me within your budget.

Let’s discuss the advantages here:

1. Affordability

The primary advantage of renting a $300 room is the affordability factor.

These 2 bedroom apartments in Philadelphia provide a cost-effective solution for those looking to minimize their housing expenses.

By opting for a $300 room, renters can allocate their funds to other essential needs or save for future goals.

2. Fully furnished options

Many Philadelphia rooms for rent come fully furnished, which eliminates the need to purchase furniture separately.

This is especially advantageous for individuals who are starting fresh or those who prefer the convenience of a move-in-ready space.

Furnished 1 bedroom apartments in Philadelphia under $500 save time, effort, and additional expenses associated with furnishing an entire apartment or room.

3. Flexible lease terms

$300 rooms in 1 bedroom apartments for rent Philadelphia often offers flexible lease terms, providing renters with greater flexibility and convenience.

Whether you’re looking for short-term or month-to-month leases, these rooms can accommodate various needs and situations.

Which Types of Rooms You Will Get for $300?

There are various types of rooms available throughout the city of Philadelphia. But if you are looking for $300 rooms for rent in the city, then it will be a little difficult to find rooms for rent in this range in this city’s attractions or city center.

You can also find rooms for rent near me under $500 a month and enjoy them there at a low cost.

Rooms You Will Get for $300
Rooms You Will Get for $300

Let’s explore:

1. Shared Room

There are two types of shared rooms one is a shared room with another roommate and the other is a hostel where you have to book a bed.

Both of these options are affordable. To save money you can rent a bed in a shared room, also, a room where you are allowed to access everything, but you have to pay half of the rental cost.

2. Single Rooms

Finding a single room in this price range is quite difficult. So, you have to find this single room in downtown areas or less popular areas.

3. Guest Houses

Guest houses, also known as guest houses, may offer individual rooms for rent at lower prices. These properties often have multiple rooms that are rented out individually, with shared common areas and facilities.

So, here we have mentioned different types of rooms that you can get at an affordable rate.

Which Are the Amenities and Facilities You Can Access at $300 Rooms for Rent in Philadelphia?

$300 rooms for rent in Philadelphia are very affordable accommodation options. So, there you’ll not get high-quality amenities and facilities. Some basic and common services are available for guests. Let’s explore:

1. Furnished Rooms

In a furnished room, you will find out some basic furniture like a bed, mattress, desk, chair, etc. This will save your packers and movers costs, you don’t have to think about your furniture, and also save the renting cost.

2. Shared or Private Bathroom

In some room rentals, you can find shared rooms and somewhere you may find private room rentals. So, now according to your needs and demands, you can rent a room with a shared or private bathroom.

3. Internet Access

Internet is another important amenity in cheap rooms for rent in Philadelphia. Any type of traveler like a businessman or office man may need the internet to do their work from a laptop. Any family traveler may need the Internet to watch Netflix or any other TV shows play mobile games, etc.

4. Parking Facilities

Almost every room rental has parking facilities for cars, bikes, or any other vehicles. So, it is included in the room rental fee. So, you don’t have to pay any extra for this.

Top Hotel Rooms for Rent in Philadelphia

Philadelphia hotel roomsAddressPhone NumberRate
Embassy Suites by Hilton Philadelphia Airport9000 Bartram Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19153(215) 365-4500$110
Courtyard by Marriott Philadelphia City Avenue4100 Presidential Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19131(215) 477-0200$152
The Warwick Hotel Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia220 S 17th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103(215) 735-6000$136
Days Inn by Wyndham Philadelphia Convention Center1227 Race St, Philadelphia, PA 19107(215) 209-3705$85
Radisson Hotel Philadelphia Northeast2400 Old Lincoln Hwy, Trevose, PA 19053(267) 520-6692$119
Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia900 Packer Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148(833) 472-5483$180
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Philadelphia Airport4509 Island Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19153(215) 365-4150$137
Lincoln Hotel Philadelphia2277 Lincoln Hwy, Feasterville-Trevose, PA 19053(215) 639-4600$105
Penn’s View Hotel14 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA 19106(215) 922-7600$125
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Philadelphia Center City237 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19107(215) 893-1600$170
Details of Hotel Rooms for Rent in Philadelphia including address, phone number, and rate

Spend A Little More at Rooms for Rent for $400 a Month and Enjoy More

$300 rooms for rent are good but, you should look for rooms for rent for $400 a month in your destination. Anyone can’t give you a guarantee that you’ll find $300 rooms for rent in Philadelphia.

We just can give you an idea of the Philadelphia room rental cost. So, if you can’t find good quality $300 rooms for rent or great value for money then you can select rooms for rent $400 a month Philadelphia.

  1. Better Furnishing.
  2. Private bathroom.
  3. Enhanced Utilities.
  4. Improved Kitchen Facilities.
  5. On-Site Laundry.
  6. Parking.
  7. Additional Common Areas.
  8. Better Location.

Meeting Rooms for Rent in Philadelphia

Do you need to give a conference or show important project details to your team that’s why are you looking for meeting rooms for rent in Philadelphia.

Finding a temporary conference room or meeting room in Philadelphia is now an easy job. See a wide range of meeting rooms in Philadelphia with Globalhotelfinder.com, whether you’re planning a meeting in the city center or outside of the city, you’ll find a number of options in different locations in Philadelphia.

You can easily book a conference room in Philadelphia for an hour, a day, or a week.

Hotel With Hot Tub In Room Near Me

The hot tub is a special feature that may not be available at every hotel and motel room. Hot tubs enhance the quality of room service. You may not get a hotel with hot tub in room at $300, you may get it for $400.

A private hot tub provides ultimate relaxation. Your stress, and tension will be removed, and your body will feel the energy, and refreshment after a steam bath in a hot tub.

Hot tubs are popular for their health benefits also. Soaking into a bathtub has several benefits like good blood circulation, reduced stress, better sleep, detoxifying the body, relaxing the mind, etc.

Can I Save More at Rooms at $300 a Month Motel Near Me?

Yes, motels are the cheapest option among all other types of lodging. People who have a low budget obviously look for motels.

Motels are actually located beside the highways and offer free parking to guests. And that is why most road trip travelers book motels.

But, you can book a motel for a week, month, or more. Motels charge low than hotels also. So, book a $300 a month motel near me and save money.

Rooms for rent 100 a week near Frankford Ave, Philadelphia

Search for the “rooms for rent 100 a week near Frankford Ave, Philadelphia” and then you can also filter your search by price, review, ratings, and deals.

If you want to stay or book a room for a week then you can look for these affordable rooms for rent $100 a week.

There you can get 1 bedroom apartment for rent in Philadelphia utilities included, amenities, and facilities within affordable rates. Get these services also in private rooms for rent in Philadelphia now.

1 Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Philadelphia $600

Discover affordable living options in Philadelphia. Cheap 1 bedroom apartments in Philadelphia are the best for affordable. You can filter your search by 1-bedroom apartments available for rent at an unbeatable price of $600. You will get these apartments for a cozy and comfortable stay.

Each of these apartments includes a bedroom, a living area, a kitchenette, a private bathroom, etc. Book these stays and enjoy your stay.

The kitchenette of these apartments includes a stove, refrigerator, coffee or tea maker, and all other utensils.

Just consider the location, size of the room, rate, agreement policies, and other factors, and then rent 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Philadelphia $800.

Can I Get $300 Rooms for Rent in Philadelphia No Deposit?

Finding rooms for rent in Philadelphia for $300 with no deposit can be challenging, as rental prices and deposit requirements can vary widely depending on the location, condition of the room, and the landlord’s policies.

But, nothing is impossible. Just follow globalhotelfinder.com to get easy no deposit rooms for rent in your desired destination.

Think about searching in various Philadelphia neighborhoods or regions. Prices between neighborhoods can differ dramatically. You can get such no deposit at $300 rooms for rent in North Philadelphia.

Try negotiating with the landlord or the existing tenants when you identify a prospective space. If you’re a good fit, they might be open to negotiating the deposit or rent with you.

Are There Budget-Friendly Studio Apartments in Philadelphia for $400?

Yes, definitely, there are studio apartments for rent for $500-$500 available in Philadelphia. Studio apartments are very small apartments situated in Philadelphia. In a living space, you’ll get everything combined like a bedroom, kitchenette, dining area, sleeping area, and a separate bathroom.

We can assure you that if you spend a little time on your research to find studio apartments in Philadelphia for $400, then definitely you’ll get this.

But keep in mind that the availability and rental prices of studio apartments in Philadelphia depend on various factors like the neighborhood, size, and amenities of the apartment.

So, just go to Google and find a studio apartment that matches your needs and budget.


Are $300 Rooms for Rent in Philadelphia Furnished?

Yes, most of the rooms are furnished in Philadelphia. But, we suggest you contact the landowner first, and ask them for the furnished room, with the hotel fee included.

Is Philadelphia Expensive to Rent?

Philadelphia is the 69th most expensive major city in the US with a median rent of $1,239. Citywide, the median rent is currently $1,118 for a 1-bedroom apartment and $1,302 for a 2-bedroom apartment. Across all bedroom sizes (i.e. the entire rental market), the median rent is $1,239.

What is a Reasonable Amount for Rent in Philadelphia if Renting a 1 Bedroom, a 2 Bedroom, or Just a Room?

The reasonable amount for rent in Philadelphia is 1 bedroom then it is $1000 if 2 bedrooms then is $1200-$1500. Read our details to find $300 rooms for rent in Philadelphia.

How Much is It to Rent a Hotel Room in Philadelphia?

1-2 star hotel rooms in Philadelphia costs from $120-$145, 3 star hotel rooms may cost from $186 – $197 and luxurious rooms like 4-5 star hotel rooms cost from $253 – $274.

How Much is the Average One Bedroom Apartment in Philadelphia?

The average rent for a studio in Philadelphia is currently $1,385.00, but there are many studios that cost over $2,000. There are also apartments that are cheaper in cheaper neighborhoods across the city.

How to Find a Good Apartment in Philadelphia?

Get to know the neighborhoods of Philadelphia. It’s no exaggeration to say that Philadelphians take where they live very, very seriously.
Know what your money is renting.
Know your rights.
Remember: Philadelphia is an old city.
Released on bail.
Get renters insurance.

Can You Negotiate Rent in Philadelphia?

Definitely, you can. You can ask your landlord to keep the rent the same or ask for a smaller increase. Landlords are generally not interested in finding new tenants. However, if you can’t come to an agreement with your landlord, you have the option of paying the increase or moving out


In conclusion, we can say if you research a little bit then you can find $300 rooms for rent in Philadelphia. We have mentioned all the details like the price, amenities, facilities, benefits, and many more details including a few faqs. If you have anymore queries comment below or contact us.

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