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Are you traveling to a new city and there you need budget-friendly accommodation? Or do you need to rent a room near your location? Okay, we are providing your solution here. Pay less and live luxuriously. For people who are looking for a budget-friendly place to live, rooms for rent at $100 a week are the ultimate solution.

Rooms for rent at $100 a week are mainly for students, young professionals, retirees, and people who haven’t enough budget to spend on luxurious hotel stays.

Why will you waste your money on booking luxurious hotels and suites? When you are getting your dream room for just $100 for a whole week. Yes, you may be surprised. But it is true. And here in this article, we will find, explore, and discover the rooms at this price range.

Key points:

  • Renting out rooms for $100 per week targets those who are looking for cheap accommodation.
  • This price point can be especially appealing to students, young working adults, or anyone on a strict budget.
  • Some of the rooms that are available for $100 per week are probably in shared accommodation, for example, a house or a flat.
  • Accommodation that can be rented for $100 per week can be located in areas with lower cost of living or in less central locations.
Rooms for Rent $100 a Week
Rooms for Rent $100 a Week

How to Find Affordable Weekly Rooms for Rent?

Here are the ways that you have to follow to find affordable weekly rooms for rent at just $100 for a week.

  • Online Listings
    • Craigslist: Navigate to the “Rooms & Shares” tab in your preferred location. To narrow down the results, select the price range that you are willing to spend on a particular property.
    • Facebook Marketplace: Become a member of local community groups and housing groups. Look for available rooms for rent and share about your needs.
    • Roomster: This website focuses on posting ads for roommates and rooms for rent. It is also possible to filter by price to get the rooms that are within your price range.
  • Classified Ads
    • Local Newspapers: Search for the rental advertisements in the classifieds. Some landlords opt for traditional methods of advertising their property.
  • Networking
    • Friends and Family: Talk to your friends, relatives, and neighbors that you are searching for a room for rent. They might have a friend or a relative who has a room for rent.
    • Workplace or School: Interview colleagues or classmates and inquire if they have any information about cheap rooms for rent.
  • Affordable Housing Websites
    • This site provides information on low-cost notices at colleges, libraries, coffee shops, and grocery store accommodations, which include single rooms for rent.
    • Housinglink: Provides affordable housing listings and can be a valuable source of low-cost housing.
  • Community and Social Services
    • Nonprofit Organizations: Reach out to local organizations that work with homeless populations and provide shelter. They might have information on cheap rooms.
    • Religious Institutions: Religious institutions such as churches, mosques, synagogues, and other religious institutions usually have community boards with housing information.
  • Subletting and Roommates
    • Subletting: Some of the tenants let out their rooms at cheaper rates, especially if they are forced to vacate the premises for some time. Search for sublet listings on Craigslist, Facebook, and housing groups.
    • Roommate Matching Services: There are websites such as Roommates. com can assist you in finding people to share the rent so that the cost of rent is more manageable and you can find a place to live easily.
  • Low-Cost Areas
    • Expand Your Search Area: Often, one can find more reasonable prices in areas that are not as frequently searched or slightly more remote.
    • Negotiate: Some landlords may be willing to reduce the rent, especially if they get something in exchange, such as painting, mowing the lawn, etc.

Types of Rooms Available at $100 a week

Here are the types of rooms that are available at $100 a week near me.

  • Private Rooms: Private rooms are individual spaces in a shared apartment or house where individuals have their own space. They afford privacy and are suitable for those who may require a secluded area for reading or working.
  • Shared Rooms: Shared rooms are cheaper than private rooms. They often entail having to share a room with another person, which can be much cheaper but demands a lot of compromise and tolerance.
  • Dormitory-Style Rooms: The use of dormitory-style rooms is prevalent in urban areas where the cost of living is relatively high. These rooms are usually found in big buildings or structures that are intended for many people to live together like hostels.

Locations Where You May Find Affordable Rooms

Here we have mentioned which locations where you can find affordable rooms to rent.

  • Urban Areas: In cities, there are many choices available, including renting a room in a flat, or living in a hall of residence. The cost of living is higher, however, the possibility of renting a room for $100 per week is quite realistic, even in areas that are not central.
  • Suburban Areas: Suburbs are a way between living in a city and living in the countryside. The price of $100 per week for the rooms is preferable, and you can get more space than in the city.
  • Rural Areas: As a general rule, the cost of living is lower in rural regions. You might find more spacious rooms or even small apartments for the same price, which would give you a more peaceful and less stressful way of living.

Pros and Cons of Living in a House for $100 a Week


  • Affordability: Rooms that are available for just $100 for a week are no doubt affordable. So, you can save budget.
  • Flexibility: Temporary accommodations or rental agreements that may last for a few days or a month are typical.
  • Community: Staying with other people can be helpful in that it helps people feel that they are not alone in the world.


  • Limited Space: Spaces are usually limited, so the use of space is often a critical issue in rooms.
  • Shared Facilities: Some of the inconveniences may include having to share the facilities, such as the bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Privacy: Less privacy than when you have your apartment.

Things You Should Consider Before Renting

Before renting a room, consider these five key points:

  • Budget: Check whether the rent and utilities are included with the room rent or not. And also whether there are any additional costs or not.
  • Location: Check the safety of the neighborhood and its proximity to work, school, and public transportation.
  • Lease Terms: Understand the lease duration, rules, and payment schedule. Confirm if the terms are flexible.
  • Living Conditions: Inspect the room for cleanliness, repairs, and comfort. Evaluate shared spaces and amenities.
  • Housemates: Meet potential housemates to gauge compatibility and understand house rules and shared responsibilities.


For people who have a limited budget finding a room for rent at $100 a week can be a great solution. They not only can save budget but also enjoy the luxury within budget. You should consider a few factors and need to book a perfect room.

Don’t be afraid to explore these options and enjoy the benefits of budget-friendly living.

Below here we have compiled a few FAQs that will resolve your queries. Comment below for more.


Is 100 dollars too much to pay to rent a room a week?

No, not at all. If you get a room for a week at $100 then it is a great deal! Nowadays the room rent price is increasing. So, if you get such a deal then immediately grab it.

What is typically included in a $100 a week room rental?

Basic utilities are included in a $100 a week room rental such as electricity and water. Also, basic amenities like a bathroom, cozy bed, wardrobe, fan, etc. are included.

How can I ensure the room is safe and secure?

You should ask the landlord about the safety before renting. Also, inquire with neighbors about the location history to make yourself safe and secure.

Are there additional costs I should be aware of?

Yes, you should be aware of some additional costs that may be security deposits, internet fees, and household supplies.