$100 a Week Extended Stay

Affordable $100 a Week Extended Stay Hotels and Motels Room for Rent

With new technologies, it is very easy to find a $100 a week Extended Stay. If you want to rent cozy accommodation for several weeks or more, there are several resources available that will allow you to choose the weekly stay near me that perfectly suits your needs.

How to Find a $100 a week extended stay and Hotels under $100?

This depends in part on your reasons for wanting to book an extended stay in hotel accommodation. Be clear about the hotels by the week near me facilities that you want and the exact location.

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How to Find the Perfect $100 a Week Extended Stay for Your Budget and Needs?

Whether you’re on a business trip, with family, or on vacation, a $100 a week extended stay near me can be the ticket to saving money and making your visit even more enjoyable.

$100 a Week Extended Stay
$100 a Week Extended Stay

Staying at a hotel for a week may cost inexpensive in the USA according to nightly rates. There are several accommodation options for 1 month to 6 month rentals near me for an affordable rate.

When you’re on a business trip, remember that time is money, and anything you can do to make your trip easier is likely to result in more income. Extended stay weekly rates are affordable, which is why we recommend you book extended stays.

For extended stays, long term motels near me are too affordable for every type of traveler.

How Can I Book a $100 a Week Extended Stay Hotel or Motel Room Online?

Yes, all weekly stay hotels and motels are listed online nowadays. And online booking process is the most popular and trending process today. So, we suggest you book $100 a week extended stay hotel and motel online.

Online, you can check the rates, and deals, compare them, and get great value for money.

Also, you can see real pictures, read guest reviews, and know the quality of the property you are going to book. These are the best advantages of booking online. So, book online and stay within budget.

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The Benefits of Staying in an Extended Stay Hotel

Whether you are a business traveler or a family traveler then you must need to stay in $100 a week extended stay hotels near me at least once. We can assure you that you will get everything that you want in this cheap extended stay near me.

Let’s know the benefits of extended stay rentals:

1. Spacious accommodations

Comparatively a more spacious accommodation than any regular hotel or motel rental.

2. Complimentary Wi-Fi

High-speed internet is available for free.

3. Convenient locations

Extended-stay hotels are often conveniently located near airports, freeways, and other major transportation hubs.

4. On-site laundry facilities

Obvious laundry facilities for the minimum to maximum days you will stay there.

5. 24-hour check-in

Not every extended suite near me offers anytime for check-in. But, most of the extended stay suites near me offer 24 hour chcek-in motel stays.

6. Comfortable accommodation

Spacious accommodation obviously provides a comfortable stay. A cozy bed is an extended stay under $100 for a week.

7. Affordable rates

Almost every one of us wants to book a budget rental. These extended stay rates are affordable for a low-budget person also. So, if you are a tight budget person then you can rent an affordable extended stay near me.

8. Flexible policies

From cancellation policy to normal hotel policy, everything is flexible for any of us.

What Are the Amenities and Services You Can Get From $100 a Week extended stay?

Outdoor amenities and services

  • Restaurant.
  • Spa and Pool.
  • Free parking.
  • Free breakfast.
  • Laundry room.
  • Fitness center.
  • Common walking area.

In-room amenities and services

  • Furnished room.
  • Living room.
  • Balcony.
  • Bathroom.
  • Kitchen with microwave, fridge, gas stove, tea/coffee maker, cup, dishes, etc.
  • AC.
  • TV with cable connection.
  • High-speed internet connection.
  • Office space with table and chair.
  • Wardrobe.

What Are the Things Should You Consider When Choosing a $100 a Week Extended Stay Hotels and Motels?

Booking extended stay hotels and motels for a week is the best option. But, to get the best hotels that rent by the week you should have to consider a few factors. let’s discuss them here.

1. Price

Choosing a hotel that fits your travel budget is a key factor to consider. This would help you save some expenses if you are well thought out.

With the right research, you can get a great deal on a top hotel (especially if they offer discounts).

2. Location

Given the location of the hotel, many questions would come to mind.

Is it close to your main purpose of travel?

Are you in a safe place?

How is public transport in the region?

What attractions are there in the area?

Are there medical centers nearby?

All of these questions and more need to be answered correctly to ensure you’re close to everything you need during your stay.

3. Facilities/Amenities

This is a very important factor to consider as it will help you understand what facilities are available in the hotel and what facilities you will need. This way you avoid unpleasant surprises.

4. Value

Real value for money can only be achieved by comparing the prices of different hotels at the same time. You can apply for discounts to save some money.

In addition to the hotel price, you can also look for value-added services such as laundry/dry cleaning, Internet access, upgraded room service, etc.

5. Reviews

Reading the experiences of others who have stayed at any of the hotels you are considering would help to authenticate the quality and standard of the hotel.

These reviews will help you answer questions like are the hotel rooms clean, does the air conditioning work, how friendly is the customer service, and is the restaurant food good.

What Are the Flexible Payment Options For $100 a week Extended Stay Weekly Rates Near Me?

A flexible payment option means any guest doesn’t have to be worried about how to pay for hotels for a weekly stay. There are various options to pay $100 a week extended stay and you’ll be definitely flexible with one option easily. The options are:

$100 a week Extended Stay Weekly Rates
$100 a week Extended Stay Weekly Rates

1. Advance payment

Guests can pay the full advance payment in advance at the time of booking online.

2. Installments

You can pay in installments month by month.

3. Credit or Debit Card

After arriving at the hotel, at the reception, you can pay by credit or debit card.

4. Book Now Pay Later

There is a policy called book now pay later hotels. Book now and pay later on hotels mean you don’t have to pay online or in advance, you just have to pay in the hotel by card or cash.

Do I Have to Pay Any Additional Charges for the Extended Stay Hotel or Motel?

Different extended stays have different policies. Most of the stays have an all-inclusive package, where you’ll get everything within the room rent amount just.

But, in case, you need some additional services or amenities, out of their package services, then you have to pay some additional fees.

Otherwise, one suggestion to avoid any additional fee is to pay the whole amount in advance online.

What Is the Cancellation Policy for $100 a week Extended Stay Hotels and Motels?

If you want to cancel your booking at extended stay hotels and motels for any reason, then you have to cancel it within 24 hours to get a full refund. Otherwise, you may not get a full refund.

Although the cancellation and refund policy varies depending on the accommodation you have booked. So, we recommend you read the policies carefully before booking your stay.

What Are the Typical Check-in and Check-out Times at $100 a week Extended Stay Hotels or Motels?

Depending on the property are you going to book, check-in and check-out time varies.

Mostly, the check-in time is in the afternoon and the check-out time is in the morning. Any guests are allowed to check in at 3:00 PM and check out at 11:00 am.

Our suggestion is you should contact the hotel or motel directly and know the exact check-in and out time properly.

$100 a Week Extended Stay Motels With Kitchenettes Near Me

For a long stay, we will recommend you only $100 a week extended stay that is within your budget and will provide you with proper services and facilities for a comfortable stay.

So, within a budget easily you can get long stay hotels near me.

Now, if you are someone who avoids outside food because of unhealthiness, or if you are on a diet, or if you just love to cook by yourself then you may need a kitchen.

In that case, there are $100 a week extended stay motel with kitchenettes near me where you’ll get in-room kitchen facilities.

Extended stay motels near me are more affordable than any other hotel suites with kitchenettes. That is why we suggest you book cheap motels with kitchenettes near me.

$100 a Week Extended Stay Hotel With Hot Tub and Pool Near Me

Consider an extended stay hotel with a hot tub and pool! These luxurious amenities of extended suites near me can enhance your stay and provide ultimate relaxation.

The price range for hotels with hot tub and pool facilities varies depending on the location, hotel category, and amenities offered, but generally falls within the mid to upscale range.

A hot steam bath in a hot tub or heated pool, can give your muscles relaxation, remove your stress, and tiredness, refresh your body, and help you to feel better.

So, if you’re looking to elevate your hotel experience, consider booking a hotel with hot tub and pool facilities for a truly relaxing stay. For a week you can rent weekly suites near me and get this feature.

Bring Your Pet at Pet-Friendly Weekly Rate Hotels

Time to plan a family vacation at $100 a week extended stay. There is no reason to leave the family pet at home or in a kennel during your absence unless your pet is a poor traveler.

Pet-friendly Hotels
Pet-friendly Hotels

Book $100 a week extended stay pet-friendly and bring your pet and enjoy.

How Much Does Extended Stay Charge for Pets?

You can get an extended stay for $100 a week. But, if you want to take pets with you then you have to pay a minimum of $25 extra per pet.

What Are Some Top Extended Stay Hotels and Motels Brands?

  • TownePlace Suites By Marriott.
  • Homewood Suites.
  • MainStay Suites.
  • InTown Suites.
  • Home2Suites by Hilton.
  • Candlewood Suites.
  • Home-Towne Suites.

These brands offer $150 weekly motels to people who have tight budgets.

Hotel Rooms for Rent $100 a Week

Rooms for rent $100 a week extended stay is a good solution for travelers who are only staying in a new location for a few days.

Everything is done for you: cooking, cleaning, and laundry, so you can sit back and relax when you return from the office.

Hotel Rooms
Hotel Rooms

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Do you want this?

Here we have listed budget-friendly extended stay rooms list. You just have to spend $100 and you’ll get a room with every feature that you need at $100 a week extended stay hotels and motels.

You can search for motels that rent by the month as these are too affordable to rent.

Top Cities That Have $100 A Week Extended Stay Hotels and Motels

Let’s discuss the top extended stay places near me in top cities.

  1. Kentucky
  2. South Carolina
  3. Alabama
  4. Georgia
  5. Tennessee
  6. Virginia
  7. Florida
  8. Nevada
  9. Texas
  10. Illinois

Also, search for other extended stay locations:

  • extended stay hotels Arlington TX,
  • extended stay hotels Fort Worth,
  • extended stay hotels Indianapolis,
  • extended stay hotels San Antonio,
  • extended stay hotels Colorado Springs,
  • extended stay hotels Denver,
  • extended stay hotels Houston,
  • extended stay hotels Jacksonville FL,
  • extended stay hotels NYC,
  • extended stay hotels Charlotte NC,
  • extended stay hotels Chicago,
  • extended stay hotels Columbus Ohio,
  • extended stay hotels Irving TX,
  • extended stay hotels Las Vegas,
  • extended stay hotels OKC,
  • extended stay hotels Richmond VA,
  • extended stay hotels St Louis,
  • extended stay hotel Dallas, etc.
  1. Homewood Suites by Hilton San Diego Downtown/Bayside.
    • 2137 Pacific Hwy Suite B, San Diego, CA 92101.
  2. Homewood Suites by Hilton-Orlando Theme Parks, FL.
    • 6940 Westwood Blvd, Orlando, FL 32821.
  3. TownePlace Suites by Marriott Orlando Theme Parks/Lake Buena Vista.
    • 8040 Palm Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32836.
  4. Cancun Resort by Diamond Resorts.
    • 8335 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89123.
  5. Clementine Hotel & Suites Anaheim.
    • 1700 S Clementine St, Anaheim, CA 92802.

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Which Are the Best Extended Stay Hotel Suites?

WoodSpring Suites®

WoodSpring Suites® includes in-room kitchens, attached bathrooms, a balcony, big rooms with king and queen-size beds, a table, free Wi-Fi, TV, and many more.

MainStay Suites®

MainStay Suites® included a hot tub in the bathroom, a swimming pool, free wi-fi, a great view from the window, and a kitchen and also pet-friendly.

Everhome Suites®

Everhome Suites® included one spacious bedroom with equipped kitchen, laundry services, fitness center, 24-hour housekeeping, etc.

Staybridge Suites®

Staybridge Suites® included a playground, walking space outside, meeting space, gym, free laundry, free breakfast, and parking, with in-room basic amenities.

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Can I Get $125 a Week Rooms in Extended Stay Hotels and Motels?

Yes, why not. Obviously, you can get weekly rooms for $125 a week in extended stay hotels and motels.

From business travelers to group family travelers may need a room for a week for cheap rates. Now, a regular hotel room for a week in popular places costs more.

Whether you are looking for discounted weekly rates or long-term monthly rates, Extended Stay America near me is your best hotel choice.

Make your $100 a week extended stay with us and experience the comfort and tranquility of a home away from home, whatever the length of your business or leisure trip.


How Much Discount Rate You Can Get for an Extended Stay at a Hotel?

Up to 20% discount you can get for an extended stay at a hotel. New users can get an extra 5% off on an extended stay booking.

Do Hotels Give Discounts When One Is Staying 1 Week?

Yes, if you book a hotel room for a week then the average daily rate will decrease. After applying coupons and discounts you will get a $100 a week extended stay.

What Kind of Discounts Do Hotels Give if You Rent by the Month?

Generally, the daily price rate decreases automatically when you book a hotel by a week or a month. In addition, depending on the location and time many hotels offer special discount rates for hotels that rent by the month.

What Are Some Motel or Hotel Names That Charge $200 a week or $800 a Month or Less in the US?

Some hotels that charge $200 a week are Canada Best Value Inn, Days Inn by Wyndham San Jose, etc.
Some motels that charge $800 a month are Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Montgomery and City Center Motel by OYO.

What Are Some Destinations in America Where Cheapest Extended Stays are Situated?

San Ramon – Bishop Ranch – East, Portland – Gresham, Fairfield – Napa Valley, Sacramento – Arden Way are some destinations in the USA where a $100 a week extended stay is situated.

Can I Rent an Extended Stay Hotel or Motel Room for Less Than a Week?

Some rentals may offer less than a week stay to their guests. but this is fully dependable on the exact property itself. To know that you have to contact the property rental directly, mostly extended stay hotel or morel offer a week or more stay.


Here we have described $100 a Week Extended Stay and hotels under $100 services, amenities, and best accommodations within a price range.

Also have mentioned some FAQs where you may find your question too. In conclusion, if you need to know more you can contact us and comment below. Also, you can contact Extended Stay America for your doubts.

$100 a week extended stay is a great reasonable stay for us.