What Are Substitutes for Hotels?

Traveling is a passion. And when it comes to travel planning then the most important thing is to find budget accommodation. Every one of us wants to find a budget-friendly stay with cheap rates. But, hotel prices are increasing every day. In this situation, we recommend you select other substitutes for hotels. It is good […]

Traveling is a passion. And when it comes to travel planning then the most important thing is to find budget accommodation. Every one of us wants to find a budget-friendly stay with cheap rates. But, hotel prices are increasing every day. In this situation, we recommend you select other substitutes for hotels.

It is good news for all of us that there are other options for our budget stays excluding hotels. You can get these substitutes for hotels within standard hotel rooms or cheaper than the hotel costs. Let’s find more cheap places to stay.

What Are the Substitutes for Hotels?

It is very easy by using the internet to book other types of accommodations. There are so many alternative options of hotels for staying on your tour. So, let’s explore the cheap hotel alternatives, relaxing, and best stays.

Substitutes for Hotels
Substitutes for Hotels

What’s cheaper than hotels?

  1. Vacation rentals.
  2. Hostels.
  3. Cabin rentals.
  4. Room rentals.
  5. Camping.
  6. Dormitories.
  7. Lodges.
  8. Motels.
  9. Resorts.
  10. Airbnb stays.
  11. Homestays.
  12. Inns and suites.

If you search a little bit then you will obviously find all these types of stays that are cheaper than hotels at low cost. If you may get these substitutes for hotels then why will you spend a lot of money on hotel stays? All of these alternatives are best for us as they provide safe and secure stays to their guests.

A hotel is a very popular accommodation for tourists. But, nowadays many people are booking the above-mentioned places to stay near me and enjoy their journey. Here we have given some recommendations and guides to book substitutes for hotels for you and some place to stay for free.

What are the 5 basic accommodation categories?

  1. Hostels.
  2. Homestays.
  3. Bed and Breakfasts.
  4. Homestays.
  5. Holiday homes.

What Is the Cheapest Type of Hotel?

According to the last few years’ histories, motels and hostels are the cheapest types of hotels in the world. There is a trick to getting more and more cheapest rates from motels and hostels for rent in the USA. Both of these accommodations have common rooms in them. So, with more people, you will live the less you have to pay.

Don’t worry there are different types of hostels available like, youth hostels, elderly hostels, hostels for females only, etc. And in a motel, if you don’t want to share a room with unknown people then you may book a separate room.

So try these cheapest types of hotels once on your tour.

How can I find cheap accommodation (hostels, motels, and hotel) when I’m traveling?

Find cheap accommodations like hotels, motels, and hostels in the USA that are easy to find through the internet when you are traveling online. Through online sites like Expedia, Booking.com, Hostelworld.com, motel6.com you can get such cheap accommodation deals.

Are Hostels Cheaper Than Hotels?

Yes, of course, hostels are safe, clean, and cheap. A hostel is a shared accommodation. But don’t worry you just have to share a room, as there are separate beds for every people. Don’t believe in anyone’s opinion that hostels aren’t safe and all. Just check out ratings and reviews by guests who have already experienced a hostel stay.


Hostels are always preferable if you want to enjoy and explore your tour more. As hostels will allow you to introduce and meet new international friends which is amazing. You can get a traveling friend who may make your trip more memorable. That is why hostels are one of the top substitutes for hotels.

Hostels don’t have many rules to stay in it as hotels. Hotels have extra charges for parking, food, accessing restaurants, etc. But hostels don’t take any extra fees from guests. The hostel price range starts from under $20 per night.

What Is Alternative Lodging?

First of all, what do you mean by lodging? Now, lodging is the accommodation like a hotel, motel, inn, suite, guest house, etc. Alternative lodging means some different types of accommodation than regular stays like hotels. So basically, here we are going to talk about other lodging alternatives for hotels.

What Are Two Types of Lodging?

Limited stay and extended stay are two types of lodging. Hotels, motels and suites are the limited stay lodgings, whereas rental apartments, and extended stay America is the extended-stay lodgings.

Lodges are as similar to hotels where people can stay for one night to a month. But, lodges charge less than a hotel. Yes, less charge means less facility. Hotels provide too many luxurious facilities and that is why they charge more. Lodges have some basic facilities at cheap rates.

Now, lodges are also substitutes for hotels. So, if you have enough budget rate then go for hotels, but if not then you may try lodges.

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Which States Have the Cheapest Motels?

Top 5 states where people can find the cheapest motels are:

  1. Nevada.
  2. Alabama.
  3. Colorado.
  4. Oregon.
  5. Arizona.

In these states cheapest motels under $40 are available. Let’s explore the cheapest motels in these cities which are substitutes for hotels:

Cheapest MotelsAddressPhone NumberPriceReview
Travelers Motel1181 Idaho St, Elko, NV 89801(775) 738-4048$54Fair
Americas Best Value Inn & Suites Mobile162 S Beltline Hwy, Mobile, AL 36608(251) 344-2121$53Fair
Midtown Motel215 E 3rd St, La Junta, CO 81050(719) 384-8010$52Good
Bay Bridge Motel66304 US-101, North Bend, OR 97459(541) 756-3151$73Good
66 Motel2105 Navajo Blvd, Holbrook, AZ 86025(928) 524-6234$66Good
Details of cheapest motels including address, phone number, price, and review

What Is a Hotel Vs Motel?

In the various substitutes for hotels, motels are one of the best and top lodging for tourists. But, many of us can’t understand the differences between hotels and motels as both of these provide accommodations to tourists.

Hotel Vs Motel
Hotel Vs Motel
  1. Now, if we start with the definition then the hotel is basically a short-term stay which is quite higher in rate than a motel and provides all the services and amenities to give their guests comfort. On the other hand, a motel is an accommodation that provides short and long-term stays with fewer amenities.
  2. Hotel rooms are designed, well mentioned, and have every type of room like single, adjoint, etc. Whereas motel rooms are cleaned but not well designed and have connecting rooms only.
  3. As we told before, hotels offer luxurious stays with great services and that is why the price is more expensive than motels. Motels have only some basic amenities to stay there. Motel prices start from under $50/night.
  4. Hotels are located near the city attractions especially, downtown cities, near the airport, vacation spots, etc. But, motels are located generally in rural areas and beside the roads on highways.
  5. Some hotel chains are Holiday Inn, Marriot, Hyatt, Comfort Inn, choice hotels, etc. And, motel chains are Motel 6, super 8, Econo lodge, etc.

What Is an Inn Vs Hotel?

Basically, Inn is a miniature version of a hotel. But, it is just a myth that inns are located in the rural areas, and downtown cities, and don’t have many amenities. If you look at the amenities of Holiday Inn, and Comfort Inn then you may see that they have more luxurious amenities than a hotel.

  • Inns are managed or owned by a hotel brand or group, Intercontinental Hotels Group owns Holiday Inn, and Choice hotels own Comfort Inn. So, Inns are not smaller nowadays in comparison to hotels. That is why according to us, Inns can be great substitutes for hotels.
  • The main difference is price. Hotel prices are high as they offer a pool, gym, spa, etc. but inns don’t provide such amenities usually. So, as usual inns prices are lower.

Can Hotels Be Booked for a Few Hours?

Yes, of course, it is possible to book a hotel room for a few hours. Our recommendation is to book daytime hotels as daytime hourly rate hotels are cheaper than nighttime hotels. You can rent rooms for one-day under $30 in the USA.

Mainly, the hourly hotels don’t have any exact check-in or check-out time. Hourly rooms allow you to check-in according to your time. Actually, these hotels by the hours are mostly booked at the last minute. So, you can pay at the hotel either by your card or by cash.

What Is the Difference Between Airbnb and Bnb?

At the time of traveling almost, every one of us wants cheap accommodation to stay within budget, but also some good service for our comfort. In this case, there are two substitutes for hotels which are Airbnb and Bnb.

Airbnb vs BnB
Airbnb vs BnB

Airbnb is an all-inclusive travel site that actually offers long-term rentals for extended stays. On the other hand, Bnb is a Bed and Breakfast that offer short-term stays and also provide homemade breakfasts to guests.

Let’s compare Airbnb and Bnb’s advantages accordingly:

  • Airbnb extended stay has a wide selection of stays, like houses, rooms, apartments, etc. As Airbnb is a long stay that is why prices are determined weekly or monthly. On Airbnb, you can filter your search with the amenities you need to stay at there. The Airbnb site is secure and has 24-hour assistance for guests.
  • The first advantage that you may get at Bnb is a tasty and healthy homemade breakfast. Bnb is different than a hotel as hotel rooms are quite private but in Bnb you can meet new people in their common spaces. Bnb is also secure accommodation. Also, to enjoy local attractions more, Bnb is the best stay.

What Should I Book an Airbnb or a Bnb?

Airbnb offers a spacious room with a bedroom, bathroom, sometimes kitchen, and balcony with better services. Bnb offers a bathroom, and bed but in a common space or room and also offers basic need services. But, the most attractive service of BnB is their delicious breakfast.

Now, Airbnb is more costly than Bnb as Airbnb’s services are quite better than Bnb. So, it’s your choice what you need for your trip a budget-friendly stay or a good serviced private stay.

If you think Airbnb is not an affordable option for you, don’t worry there are other cheaper alternative to airbnb.

Is It Cheaper to Stay in a Hotel or Apartment?

Actually, hotel booking or apartment renting rates varies and depends on many factors like the class of hotel, Apartment size, room size, service, amenities, location, etc. You can get hotel booking rates cheaper than an apartment and also the rate may high than an apartment. Here we can say apartments are substitutes for hotels.

An apartment can’t be rented for a short period of time, at least you have to book an apartment for 24 days. The apartment and hotel have the same facilities like a spacious private room, bathroom, king-size bed, balcony, kitchen, etc. But, 24-hour housekeeping services and free wi-fi aren’t available at the apartment which facilities the hotel has.

Although, you may explore an apartment stay, as an alternative to staying in a hotel during your vacation.

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How Is Homestay Different From Hotel?

Homestay means a family home that is made or converted for guests to stay in. Homestay is quite different than a hotel and similar to Bnb. Both are substitutes for hotels for guests.

As homestays are a part of someone’s home that is why it’s not as big as a hotel. And don’t have as many amenities, assistance, and luxurious facilities as hotels. But have comforts like your home and homemade foods.

Most homestays are situated in less popular locations. If you are going to some unpopular place or don’t want to waste money on hotels then you are good to go for homestays near your location.

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Which Us City Has the Cheapest Hotel Rates?

Las Vegas city in the USA has the cheapest hotel rates ever. here the price starts from $29 per night and the average double room rate is $69/per night.

How Much Does a Motel Room Cost in the USA?

Normally, a motel room costs $45 /night in the USA. But, in popular or luxurious cities it may take up to $80 /night.

Where Can I Live for $500 a Month in the USA?

There are so many hotels, motels, and inns, like accommodations that allow people to live for $500 a month in the USA. So, let’s see the top 5 places where people can stay for $500 a month.
Lawton, OK (Rent: $470).
Shreveport, LA (Rent: $500).
Springfield, MO (Rent: $500).
Greenville, OH (Rent: $424).
Amarillo, TX (Rent: $469).

Why Are Hotels Called Inns?

Inns are a small term of the hotel as inns are smaller than hotels with a little number of rooms. And the actual meaning of an inn is lodging and food for travelers.

How Long Can You Stay in an Airbnb?

Normally, you can stay in an Airbnb for one month or 28 days. After that to renew your booking, you have to book the room again and have to pay for it. And then you may stay for one more month on an Airbnb.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Cabin in the USA?

A 2 to 3-star cabin rental cost $170/night for 4-6 guests in the USA.

What is Cheaper Than a Motel?

Hostel and lodges are the cheaper rental accommodation than a motel.

Are hostels cheaper than renting?

Yes, hostels are cheaper than renting any room. As hostels are one type of dorm where you will get a shared room where you have to stay with other people. That’s why hostels are the cheapest accommodation ever.


Many people can’t afford the high rates of hotels. That is why there are several substitutes for hotels mentioned above. Also, here are frequently asked questions that may clear all your doubts. If you have some more queries then comment below or contact us.