Extended Stay Apartments Near Me

Extended stay apartments near me can be useful in a variety of situations as they offer the uniqueness of a hotel and apartment in one, yet at an affordable price and are furnished to a high standard, not as you would find in a self-catering apartment.

Within a hotel complex with a cheap offer or a low-cost motel. If you are looking for a temporary residence, this type of apartment could be for you as it will meet all your needs with maximum comfort.

For example, let’s say we’ve been offered an interstate job and we’ve sold our existing property, but we want to see the new area we’ll be living in before deciding on a new single-family home.

A stay in such an apartment could be just the solution. It allows us to feel comfortable, a home away from home, by choosing precisely the area where we want to settle.

Furnished Extended Stay Apartments Near Me

Extended stay apartments near me have basically fully furnished apartments that have been specially designed for people with this need. It is very popular with business travelers.

While it offers affordability and convenience, you should consider several amenities; otherwise, an extended stay hotel suite might be a better option.

Extended Stay Apartments Near Me
Extended Stay Apartments Near Me

1. Kitchens

Obviously, a hotel does not give you the comfort of your own kitchen. You have to eat every meal in a restaurant, which can be very expensive.

Having your own kitchen is very convenient, and being able to cook your own meals is economical and practical. Make sure that extended stay apartments near me have a full kitchen and make sure you have at least the essentials.

2. Maintenance

When you’re away on business and just sleeping in your apartment, you need someone to take care of the daily cleaning and housework.

Many extended stay apartments near me offer daily maid service, just like a hotel, and many provide basic necessities like tea, coffee, and fresh towels. Having someone come and clean, even if it’s every other day, is very important and can make a big difference in price.

3. Private Balconies

Depending on the location, a balcony can make a difference. Balconies can make your place feel a lot less like an apartment, and if you’re a business traveler used to a big house with a beautiful garden, the least you can get is a balcony.

Let’s discover the apartments with weekly rates which is affordable.

Hotels That Rent by the Month Near Me

You have internet access. So use your mobile phone to search online for the best deal. With a little time, you can find multiple websites for the best hotel monthly rental near me.

There are many long term hotel rentals comparison websites that can help you get the best deals on hotel tickets and stays. Some of the websites you can visit are Expedia, Agoda, and priceline.com, etc. to book long term stay apartments.

For longer hotel stays, you can choose from studios for business travel, relocation, temporary accommodation, or vacation rentals with suites for daily, weekly, or monthly rentals. Choose your level of an average hotel room monthly rental.

Finally, many extended stay furnished apartments near me have kitchens so you can cook and eat on your own schedule. So you can spend more time relaxing and spend less money on your next business or leisure trip.

Many long term hotel room rental suites have full kitchens, appliances, and your own bedding, unlimited use of a phone, computer connection with data and personal voicemail, dry cleaning, sometimes laundry facilities, and gyms and/or pools, high-speed Wi-Fi Internet.

Can You Rent Hotel Rooms Monthly?

Yes, you can rent hotel rooms on a monthly basis. There are a lot of hotels that offer monthly stays for their guests. Extended stay monthly rentals rates are quite affordable to rent.

Extended Stay Weekly Rates

$199 extended-stay hotels offer lodging options tailored to the needs of business travelers, family vacations, people moving to a new city, or anyone else looking for a hotel for a while.

In most situations, long term stay rentals guests book hotel accommodation for a week, and apartments for a month under $500, or longer.

Amenities may vary by brand, but all extended-stay brands offer in-room kitchens, free Wi-Fi, on-site laundry facilities, and vending machines.

Some weekly stay apartments near me and hotel monthly rentals may offer additional amenities such as a fitness center, business center, ice machines, and breakfast items. Most of our extended stay hotels are pet friendly. There are several extended stay rooms for rent where you can compare the rates and book.

What is the minimum length to stay in an extended stay rentals near me?

Most long-term guests book accommodation for at least a week. Because if you stay longer, the average price per night is reduced. However, there is no minimum length of stay.

Weekly Stay Apartments

Extended stay rental near me has more space than a hotel. So whether you’re traveling with your family or a business associate, you won’t be crammed into one room.

You can choose a two- or three-bedroom extended stay apartments near me and it’s still cheaper than renting multiple hotel rooms for a longer stay.

Weekly Stay Apartments
Weekly Stay Apartments

Convenience and comfort are two other benefits that cannot be overlooked. Get all the furniture you need to be comfortable.

You have access to a sofa, chairs, cable TV, internet, appliances, and a nice, quiet room to sleep in when it suits you. You don’t have to worry about buying furniture and appliances or receiving your furniture. Everything you need is already there for you at 1 bedroom extended stay.

Apartment amenities:

  • Balconies.
  • Air condition.
  • Cable TV.
  • Washing Machine.
  • Full sized kitchens.
  • Pet-friendly.
  • In-room kitchen.
  • Fitness center.

2 Bedroom Apartments Near Me Under $800

You have a choice of studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom apartments. In general, in apartments, the number of bathrooms and closets in each apartment depends on the number of bedrooms.

For example, most studios have one closet and one bathroom, while three bedroom apartments have four closets and two bathrooms. To save your budget more you can explore extended stay motels also.

Here are 2 bedroom apartments near me amenities:

  • Additional space for office work.
  • Separate study section.
  • Attached bathroom with a room.
  • Two bedrooms mean you may have a roommate.
  • Spacious room.

$300 Apartments for Rent Near Me

Today, extended stay apartments near me in the United States are in high demand. Many people now choose to live in extended stay housing near me rather than invest in a permanent home for themselves.

The reason for this could be that rental apartments are available at affordable prices compared to the high cost required to buy a house.

Things to consider when renting apartments:

  • Check your budget to rent month to month hotel rentals.
  • Confirm your location and narrow your search.
  • Take your time and explore to discover.
  • Always check the ratings and reviews of other guests.
  • Check out every service, and amenity.
  • Compare the deals and rent the $300 apartments near me.

3 Month Lease Apartments Near Me

Minimum for 1 week you can rent an apartment to stay in and there is no maximum limit of up to 6 months or 12 months. Rent $125 a week room within budget. It may vary according to the place and the owner.

Now, you book an apartment for one month’s lease and then renew it for the next one or two months. Also, you can rent an extended stay Airbnb for long term lease.

But, this will be a little hassle. Because there may be some different policies for short-term leases and long-term extended stay apartments near me. So, directly rent an apartment for 3 months.

3 Month Lease Apartments Near Me
3 Month Lease Apartments Near Me

3 month lease apartments near me are also beneficial. How? The hotel industry has a policy the more you will stay the more offers you will get. So, the offer and deals for 3 month lease are more attractive than 1 month lease. Also, there will be more features and amenities for month to month hotel rentals near me.

Extended Stay Studios Near Me

An extended stay studio typically refers to a type of accommodation designed for longer-term stays, offering amenities and features that cater to the needs of guests staying for an extended period. This type of extended study mainly has a kitchenette in it where people can prepare their food and enjoy it. 

Extended duration, such as business travelers on long-term assignments, individuals relocating to a new city, or tourists planning an extended visit. Here you can get a home-like environment. 

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Extended Stays With Kitchenettes

Extended stays with kitchenettes refer to accommodations, typically hotels or serviced apartments, that are designed for guests planning to stay for an extended period and include a kitchenette in the room.

A kitchenette is a small cooking area equipped with basic kitchen facilities, which may include a sink, microwave, refrigerator, and sometimes a stovetop or hotplate.

A kitchenette in a stay will allow you to cook by yourself and enjoy your own meal.

Extended stay accommodations with kitchenettes are popular among business travelers on long-term assignments, individuals in the process of relocating, and tourists planning extended vacations.

What Are the Benefits of Long Term Apartment Rentals Near Me?

$100 extended stay apartments near me for long term are no doubt beneficial to us.

  • Firstly, you can save your money a lot. You’ll get discounts for long period of time.
  • Get more and more flexibility like your home.
  • Long term rentals have generally cheaper monthly rates than short term rentals.

To save your budget you can also book a long term motel rental near me.

Cheapest Apartment Rentals in the United States

There are many factors to consider when looking for an apartment, such as location, size, facilities, and price. Price is often the most important factor for renters, especially those on a tight budget.

Top cities where you can rent cheapest apartment rentals:

  1. Houston, Texas.
  2. Birmingham, Alabama.
  3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  4. Columbus, Ohio.
  5. Cincinnati, Ohio.
  6. St. Louis, Missouri.
  7. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota.
  8. Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  9. Buffalo, New York.
  10. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

FAQs Extended Stay Apartment Rentals

What Are Extended Stay Apartments?

Extended stay apartments near me are the term for a long period of stay. When guests need accommodation, this is an offer that allows them to continue with their work, their commitments, and sometimes even their vacations.

Is It Cheaper to Live in a Hotel Than an Apartment?

Long-term hotels are often cheaper than apartments. When you factor in the cost of rent, utilities, and other expenses, a long-stay hotel can be a lot cheaper than an apartment. This is especially true if you are traveling for a long time.

What’s Included in a Fully Furnished Apartment?

Fully furnished apartment rentals included a fridge, freezer, and washing machine, with all basic furniture like a sofa, dining table, chair, bed, wardrobes, etc.

What is the Meaning of Two Bedroom Apartment?

As its name suggests, a 2-bedroom apartment is a unit with two separate and independent rooms. Each bedroom should have at least one window, one door, and solid walls separating each room. The interior space should be enough for at least a bed and a chest of drawers.

How Much is Rent for a 2 Bedroom Apartment USA?

In 2022, the average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the United States reached $1,295, which is up from $1,100 a year earlier.

How Long Can You Lease in USA?

Actually, there are various types of rentals like month-to-month rental apartments, 6-month lease apartments, or for one-year lease apartments. Now, it depends on you and the land owner for how long can you stay at an apartment. If you need up to 3 months lease then go for short-term rentals and for more days book extended stay apartments near me.

What Are the Benefits of Apartment Living?

Easier to find and maintain than a house.
Located in popular and demanding places.
Have almost all the amenities.
Cheaper than house rentals.


In conclusion, we can say that if you need a home-like feel in a new accommodation then extended stay apartments near me are the best option. Here we have mentioned all info and details to renting an apartment including a few frequently asked questions. For more details comment below or contact us.

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